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Mar 30, 2024

Vampires abound this Easter with our featured book ‍♂️ Carmilla written by Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu


Mar 14, 2024

Inspector French and the Cheyne Mystery, new crime podcasts by Tale Teller Club Publishing

“Inspector French and the Cheyne Mystery” is a captivating mystery thriller novel written by Freeman Wills Crofts. Let me delve into the details for you:
  1. Title: The book is also known as “The Cheyne Mystery” and “Inspector French and The Cheyne Mystery”.
  2. AuthorFreeman Wills Crofts penned this intriguing tale.
  3. Setting: The story unfolds in 1920.
  4. Protagonist: The central character is Maxwell Cheyne, a First World War naval veteran and a short story writer from Dartmouth.
  5. Plot Summary:
    • Mysterious Drugging: Maxwell Cheyne finds himself mysteriously drugged in a country inn. When he awakens, he discovers that his home has been burgled, although nothing appears to be missing.
    • Relentless Pursuit: Cheyne becomes the target of a dangerous gang of criminals who are unpleasantly interested in him.
    • Solo Efforts: Initially, Cheyne tries to outwit the criminals on his own.
    • Serious Threats: As things escalate and his life is endangered, he decides to seek help from Scotland Yard.
    • Enter Inspector French: Inspector French, a methodical and less flamboyant detective, takes charge of the case.
    • Ciphered Code: The stolen letter Cheyne possesses seems to contain some kind of ciphered code.
    • Kidnapping and Explosive Devices: The gang kidnaps Joan Merrill, a young female artist from Chelsea, and attempts to kill Cheyne with an explosive device.
    • International Investigation: Inspector French’s investigations lead him to Brugesand then to Antwerp, where he discovers that the gang has recently sailed on an expedition linked to the stolen letter.
    • The Key: The secret lies with a dead German U-boat captain and the information he passed on.
  6. Legacy: In the later novel “Sir John Magill’s Last Journey”, it is mentioned that Cheyne and Joan are now a happily married couple living in Dartmouth.
  7. Series: This novel is the second in the series featuring Inspector French, a prominent figure of the Golden Age of Detective Fiction.

And there you have it—the thrilling tale of “Inspector French and the Cheyne Mystery”️‍♂️123

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