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Feb 3, 2024

Tanar the Pellicudar by Edgar Rice Burroughs

"Tanar of Pellucidar" is a thrilling adventure novel written by Edgar Rice Burroughs, originally published in 1929. Set in the imaginative world of Pellucidar, a subterranean realm located within the Earth's crust, the story follows Tanar, a courageous warrior, on a perilous journey filled with danger and intrigue.

The tale begins as Tanar finds himself embroiled in the ongoing conflicts between various prehistoric tribes inhabiting Pellucidar. Caught in the midst of power struggles and tribal warfare, Tanar must navigate a treacherous landscape filled with exotic creatures, rival warriors, and ancient mysteries.

As Tanar endeavors to survive and make sense of the enigmatic world around him, he becomes entangled in a quest that goes beyond personal survival. The narrative weaves together elements of action, romance, and discovery as Tanar encounters strange civilizations, battles ferocious adversaries, and strives to uncover the secrets hidden within the depths of Pellucidar.

Throughout the story, Burroughs masterfully blends vivid world-building with the protagonist's heroic exploits, creating a captivating tale that explores the wonders and dangers of a fantastical subterranean realm. "Tanar of Pellucidar" is a classic adventure novel that showcases Burroughs' storytelling prowess and his ability to transport readers to imaginative and thrilling landscapes.

"Tanar of Pellucidar": A Pioneering Work in Adventure Fantasy and Its Enduring Influence


Edgar Rice Burroughs' "Tanar of Pellucidar" stands as a pioneering work in adventure fantasy, contributing significantly to the genre and leaving an indelible mark on contemporary literature. Published in 1929, this novel takes readers on a captivating journey into the subterranean world of Pellucidar, showcasing Burroughs' mastery in crafting imaginative landscapes and heroic narratives.

Genre Innovation:

"Tanar of Pellucidar" falls under the umbrella of adventure fantasy, a genre that fuses elements of action, exploration, and fantastical settings. Burroughs' creation of Pellucidar, a hidden world beneath the Earth's surface, was revolutionary for its time, pushing the boundaries of speculative fiction. The novel introduces readers to a land teeming with prehistoric creatures, diverse civilizations, and uncharted territories, setting the stage for later works that would explore similarly imaginative realms.

Influence on Contemporary Literature:

Burroughs' impact on contemporary literature is evident in the enduring popularity of adventure fantasy. The immersive world-building and action-packed storytelling found in "Tanar of Pellucidar" have influenced subsequent generations of writers, particularly those within the fantasy and science fiction genres. Authors like J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, and later, modern writers such as George R.R. Martin and J.K. Rowling, have drawn inspiration from Burroughs' pioneering efforts in crafting intricate and fantastical worlds.

Heroic Archetypes and Character Development:

One of the enduring aspects of "Tanar of Pellucidar" is the portrayal of its protagonist, Tanar. As a courageous warrior navigating a perilous underground realm, Tanar embodies classic heroic archetypes. His journey, filled with challenges, self-discovery, and the pursuit of noble ideals, laid the groundwork for the development of iconic characters in subsequent fantasy literature. The influence of Tanar's character can be seen in the heroes of many contemporary fantasy epics, demonstrating the lasting impact of Burroughs' storytelling.

Legacy in Film and Popular Culture:

Beyond literature, the influence of "Tanar of Pellucidar" extends into other forms of media. The adventurous spirit and imaginative settings of Pellucidar have inspired filmmakers and creators in the realms of animation, film, and television. Elements of the novel's themes and visuals can be observed in various fantasy and adventure films, contributing to the enduring popularity of the genre in popular culture.


"Tanar of Pellucidar" holds a significant place in the annals of adventure fantasy literature. Edgar Rice Burroughs' groundbreaking work not only captivated readers with its imaginative storytelling and vivid world-building but also left a lasting imprint on subsequent generations of writers and creators. As contemporary literature continues to explore the boundaries of speculative fiction, the legacy of "Tanar of Pellucidar" persists, reminding us of the enduring power of inventive storytelling and the exploration of fantastical worlds.