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Feb 18, 2024

The Book Lovers Podcast Series on the iServalan Show and Sarnia de la Maré's Personal Podcasts.

The Book Lovers Podcast is a series of podcasts that feature free audiobooks of classic and contemporary literature, as well as discussions and reviews of books and authors. The Book Lovers Podcast is hosted by Sarnia de la Maré, the founder of Tale Teller Club, and various guests who share their passion and insights on books and reading. Some of the genres and topics covered by the Book Lovers Podcast include:Romance
Science fiction
Historical fiction
Children’s literature
Graphic novels
Literary criticism

The Book Lovers Podcast aims to introduce listeners to new and old books, to inspire them to read more and to enjoy the beauty and power of literature. 📚

You can listen to the Book Lovers Podcast on the Tale Teller Club website1, on Anchor2, or on other podcast platforms. You can also follow the Tale Teller Club on Twitter3 to get updates and recommendations on books and authors.

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