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Feb 3, 2024

The Automobile Girls at Newport by Laura Crane, featured book at the Tale Teller Club Academy of Arts

Exploring Gilded Age Glamour: "The Automobile Girls at Newport" by Laura Crane


In the early 20th century, as the world underwent rapid industrialization and societal shifts, literature often reflected the changing dynamics of culture and lifestyles. Laura Crane's "The Automobile Girls at Newport" provides a fascinating glimpse into the Gilded Age, combining elements of adventure, romance, and societal commentary. Published in 1910, this novel follows the lives of spirited young women navigating the opulent world of Newport, Rhode Island, and sheds light on the evolving roles of women in society.

Setting the Scene:

"The Automobile Girls at Newport" is a delightful escapade that unfolds against the backdrop of Newport's high society during the Gilded Age. The novel captures the essence of an era characterized by extravagant wealth, luxurious estates, and a burgeoning fascination with the latest technological marvels, particularly the advent of the automobile.

Plot Overview:

The narrative revolves around the adventures of our protagonists, the "Automobile Girls," as they explore Newport in their newfound fascination - the automobile. The story not only encapsulates their love for the thrill of driving but also intertwines their lives with the intricate social tapestry of Newport's elite circles. As the young women navigate the challenges of societal expectations and forge romantic connections, the novel provides a nuanced exploration of the changing roles and aspirations of women in the early 20th century.

Character Dynamics:

Crane's characters are richly developed, offering readers a diverse cast that defies traditional gender norms of the time. The "Automobile Girls" are depicted as independent, forward-thinking, and adventurous, challenging the constraints imposed on women in their pursuit of personal and romantic fulfillment. The novel serves as a testament to the resilience and tenacity of young women seeking to break free from societal expectations.

Exploring Societal Shifts:

"The Automobile Girls at Newport" doesn't merely entertain; it serves as a lens through which readers can observe the cultural and societal shifts occurring during the Gilded Age. The emergence of the automobile as a symbol of modernity, the changing dynamics of courtship, and the evolving roles of women all contribute to a narrative that reflects the zeitgeist of the time.

Legacy and Contemporary Relevance:

While "The Automobile Girls at Newport" is firmly rooted in its historical context, its themes of independence, social exploration, and the pursuit of personal happiness remain relevant. Crane's work contributes to the broader discussion of women's roles in society, making it a compelling read for modern audiences interested in historical fiction with a progressive twist.


Laura Crane's "The Automobile Girls at Newport" transports readers to a bygone era of elegance and societal transformation. Through the lens of the spirited "Automobile Girls," Crane not only provides a captivating tale of adventure and romance but also offers a thought-provoking commentary on the evolving roles of women during the Gilded Age. As we delve into the lives of these pioneering women, we find a narrative that resonates with themes of independence, resilience, and the timeless pursuit of personal fulfillment.

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