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Jan 2, 2024

Danger and Prose by Tale Teller Club (lyrics with a biro)

Danger and Prose by Tale Teller Club

I was on a boat somewhere
Floating on an ocean of my dreams
Vaughn Williams Played
A seranade
To the waves

Me and the old guy were drinking rum
And the birds weaved their way
In the rays of the sun

‘So what’s in the barrels?’ I said
‘Those are the souls of the dead
All lost at sea
There to remind me
They smooth my way
Map my stay
Under the sun
Into the seas
Riding the waves
Into the breeze’

‘Why don’t you set them free?’ I said
'It’s a long tome dead, caged in a barrel’

‘Because sinners party too well
In Hell
Never trust a stranger
Take it from a lost soul who knows’

The old man was asleep on rum
And I freed the souls one by one
And they danced and they sung
And the band played their drums

We dived in the sea
Went down to the core
The flames they grew high
And I just wanted more

Cause the sinners party well
When their in Hell

©2021 Tale Teller Club /Sarnia de la Mare

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