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Jan 14, 2024

She, a poem by the Marchioness of Dorchester, Sarnia de la Maré FRSA


poet Sarnia de la Maré the Tale Teller Club


She sits so proud

So straight of neck,

not bowed

not low but high



on wings

so sleek,

not weak

just there


she belongs

Her face 

so strong

Her arms like


they take the strain

of those who

dare to

say her name

She walks

on air 

the breathe that


only breath

she steals

to make 

her rise

She does not


their lies

She climbs 

on walls

their walls of hate

wont hold her in

she will not fall

She stands



For she is she





©2024 Sarnia de la Maré FRSA 

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Jan 11, 2024

Freaks Kitchen, no ordinary online cooking show

 "Freak TV": A Culinary Odyssey in the Marchioness of Dorchester's Gothic Kitchen

In the ever-evolving landscape of television, where culinary shows have become a staple for entertainment enthusiasts, there's a new player in town that promises to captivate audiences with a unique blend of high-protein recipes, dramatic storytelling, and a touch of theatricality. Enter "Freak TV," the brainchild of none other than the Marchioness of Dorchester, a culinary maven with a penchant for the gothic and a passion for promoting longevity through high-protein living.

A Glimpse into the Gothic Kitchen

"Freak TV" transports viewers to a realm unlike any other—a gothic kitchen shrouded in mystery and theatricality. The set design is an eclectic mix of dark, ornate furnishings, flickering candles, and mysterious artifacts. Each episode unfolds like a scene from a gothic novel, with the Marchioness guiding viewers through the arcane art of preparing high-protein dishes in a dramatic, almost theatrical style.

The Marchioness of Dorchester: Culinary Visionary

Known for her avant-garde approach to cuisine, the Marchioness of Dorchester is not your typical celebrity chef. With a background steeped in culinary traditions and a flair for the dramatic, she brings a unique perspective to the world of cooking shows. Her fascination with the science of longevity and the role of high-protein diets in achieving it serves as the driving force behind "Freak TV."

High-Protein, Longevity-Boosting Recipes

At the heart of "Freak TV" lies its culinary philosophy: high-protein, live longer recipes. The Marchioness shares a diverse array of dishes that not only tantalize the taste buds but also promise to enhance one's health and well-being. From protein-packed salads to succulent meat dishes, each recipe is meticulously crafted to showcase the benefits of a diet rich in proteins.

Theatricality Meets Culinary Artistry

What sets "Freak TV" apart is its theatrical presentation. Every episode unfolds like a gothic play, with the Marchioness taking on the role of a culinary sorceress weaving her magic in the kitchen. Smoke, mirrors, and dramatic lighting enhance the visual spectacle, creating an immersive experience for viewers as they embark on a culinary journey like never before.

A Feast for the Senses

"Freak TV" is not just a cooking show; it's a feast for the senses. The hauntingly beautiful soundtrack, coupled with the visually stunning presentation, elevates the entire culinary experience. Each episode is a carefully curated blend of gastronomy and storytelling, leaving viewers not only craving the delicious recipes but also eagerly anticipating the next chapter in the gothic kitchen saga.


In the realm of culinary entertainment, "Freak TV" by the Marchioness of Dorchester stands as a testament to the boundless creativity that can be infused into the world of cooking shows. With its high-protein, longevity-focused recipes presented in a theatrical and dramatic style, this unique TV shoe promises to leave a lasting impression on audiences, inviting them to step into a world where culinary artistry meets gothic enchantment. So, buckle up for a spellbinding journey into the dark and delectable with "Freak TV."

Listen to "Sarnia de la Mare FRSA" on Spreaker.

Jan 5, 2024

The petals of my daisy by the Marchioness of Dorchester (circa 1632)

The petals of my daisy 
by the Marchioness of Dorchester (circa 1632)

The petals of my daisy
in the breeze if his breath
His stamen stood proud
in search of bees
to taste his nectar
We rolled in the wild grasses,
Laughing at nothing
then hushed as a deer
broke twigs
in the distance
There was little time
before the bells
would mark the end
of a clandestine episode
in the forest of fantasies
And so he entered my
wanton flower
with the speed of a stag
fast and
faster still
to avoid the arrow of death
And I ran too
with the joy of his juices
as they fell from
my little flower
onto my stockings
And I was free

©2023 Sarnia de la Mare

Furry Peach, a fruity poem, by the Marchioness of Dorchester at Tale Teller Club

Furry Peach by the Marchioness of Dorchester at Tale Teller Club

'Would Madam,
pray allow her right honourable gentleman,
a stroke of her furry peach?'
I was taken aback,
as a lady and a writer of simple poems,
that word had spread about such furriness
in my fruit bowl.
But my heart skipped a beat nonetheless
as the thoughts of furriness and fingers
contrived to make the Marchioness quite gasp
for air.
I flicked my fan and sat more appropriately
for my gentleman to seek the fruit
in question.
The peach had fallen from the tree of virtue long ago and was
dripping juice already.
'My,' said the honourable gentleman,
'such fruity aromas and moisture abound from my Lady's Peach.'
'Yes,' my good Sir said I,
'It is best eaten quickly
before the ravages of time take their forever hold.'

@2023 Marchioness of Dorchester Sarnia de la mare
Listen to "Sarnia de la Mare FRSA" on Spreaker.

The Cocks in the Barn by the Marchioness of Dorchester (~1650)

The Cocks in the Barn by the Marchioness of Dorchester (~1650)

Such inclement weather
said I
to raise one’s skirts
in a barn
where the cock
and cluck cluck clucks
eager prowess
After an early morning call.
said the farm hand,
I am
by the
vigorous work
of the day.
Pray allow me
to warm her Ladyship
with mine hands
for they are
not without
in such matters
of heat
and comfort
I raised
my hems
as the rough
yet handsome
man approached
and I saw not one
but two
proud cocks
in the
barn that day.
After some
I will not hesitate to say
I was truly warmed.
rosy of cheeks,
above and below,
as if soft
red flowers
ripe with
achievement bloomed
where the sun
rarely shines

©2023 Marchioness of Dorchester Sarnia de la Maré FRSA

Jan 3, 2024

The Soldier by The Marchioness of Dorchester (circa 1625 written during the The Anglo-French War )

The Soldier by The Marchioness of Dorchester (circa 1625 during the The Anglo-French War ) A suitor bold and handsome once arrived Twas early in a day unspent A proud soldier on horseback, A burning wish to vent ‘In courtly dance I wield mine mighty dart’ Said he, appearing finely dress’d In polished armour His lance Colossal, For this quest confessed. ‘With quivering heart, I seek mine lady fair, Her love the target of my fervent plea’ Said he Such chivalric pursuit was indeed Beyond compare His lance, a beacon of…. Virility. ‘Yet, not in war, but passion's grand display, I wield mine Shaft, Erect, a symbol of desire To pierce the veils that shroud love's subtle play In earnest yearning To set your heart afire. Behold, mine love, this lance of passion true, A token bold, my heart laid bare for you. Would mine lady touch my lance Before I leave Tonight for France?’ ©2024 Sarnia de la Mare

Jan 1, 2024

The Banana by the Marchioness of Dorchester (circa 1650)

Twas there upon his plinth 

of strength and flesh 

(It grew again, inch by inch)

The golden fruit was found,

And it stood proud!

But in mine eyes, 

Oh tempting prize.

Obsession doth belie

Lost in depths of this 

Sweet fruity fire

Oh banana, 

Tis you that I desire

Mine cheeks they glowed, 

In yellow splendour’s gleam,

Fixated on its stiffening bow, 

Forbidden dreams

Yes indeed,

I float 




Mine heart entwined 

In peel of sweet delight

In passion's grip, 

I see 

The light.

Oh, love's sweet torment, 

in banana's clutch,

Tis you that I desire. 


©2024 Sarnia de la Mare

Dec 31, 2023

Pomegranates by the Marchioness of Dorchester (circa 1650)


pomegranates by Sarnia de la Mare AKA iServalan for Tale Teller Club


by the Marchioness of Dorchester (circa 1650) In orchards fair where scarlet gems doth bloom Where pomegranates hung in rich perfume There, a suitor bold, Well endowed With charms And stories oft retold Oh to taste the seeds of love, Those rosey crimson buds For he too now was hung, As the pomegranates Beneath the sun His frame, a fortress of lust’s might, His sturdy lance, He takes perchance Of any fair maid Who brims desire His pomegranates ripe and Filled with fire His presence stirs mine heart's unquenchable thirst As Eros gives with pure delight. I dream of pomegranates And of spice ©2023 Sarnia de la Mare #saniadelamare #taletellerclub #WritingCommunity #writers #poetrytwitter #poet