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Jan 3, 2024

How to Self Publish with Stats and Links for Authors

 In an age where the digital realm offers unprecedented opportunities for aspiring authors, self-publishing has become a gateway to literary independence. Whether you're a seasoned writer or a novice penning your first draft, this guide will explore various methods of self-publishing, backed by statistics and valuable links to help you navigate the dynamic landscape of the publishing world.

Section 1: Traditional Self-Publishing Platforms

1.1 Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)


  • According to Amazon, KDP has over 6 million eBooks available in the Kindle Store.
  • Authors on KDP published over 3.4 billion books in 2021.

Link: Amazon KDP

1.2 Barnes & Noble Press


  • Barnes & Noble Press boasts a catalog of over 4 million eBooks.
  • The platform has seen a steady increase in self-published titles over the past decade.

Link: Barnes & Noble Press

Section 2: eBook Distribution Platforms

2.1 Smashwords


  • Over 500,000 authors have published on Smashwords.
  • The platform distributes to major retailers, including Apple Books and Barnes & Noble.

Link: Smashwords

2.2 Draft2Digital


  • Draft2Digital has facilitated the publication of over 250,000 eBooks.
  • The platform offers a user-friendly interface for formatting and distribution.

Link: Draft2Digital

Section 3: Print-on-Demand (POD) Services

3.1 Amazon Kindle Print (formerly CreateSpace)


  • Kindle Print has produced millions of print books since its inception.
  • The service seamlessly integrates with Kindle eBook publishing on KDP.

Link: Amazon Kindle Print

3.2 IngramSpark


  • IngramSpark distributes to over 40,000 retailers and libraries globally.
  • Thousands of authors and publishers use IngramSpark for print-on-demand.

Link: IngramSpark

Section 4: Audiobook Creation and Distribution

4.1 ACX (Audiobook Creation Exchange)


  • ACX has produced over 300,000 audiobooks.
  • The platform has a vast pool of narrators and producers for audiobook creation.

Link: ACX

Section 5: Crowdfunding for Self-Publishing

5.1 Kickstarter


  • Kickstarter has funded over 35,000 publishing projects.
  • Many successful self-published authors have used Kickstarter to fund book projects.

Link: Kickstarter Publishing


In the dynamic landscape of self-publishing, exploring diverse methods and platforms empowers authors to reach broader audiences. From eBooks to print and audiobooks, each avenue offers unique advantages. As you embark on your self-publishing journey, consider the statistics and links provided to make informed decisions, and remember, the world is waiting for your words to unfold. What tale will you share with the world?