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Mar 2, 2024

iServalan (Sarnia de la Maré FRSA) writer, illustrator and composer of the Book of Immersion Weekly Amazon Series

Sarnia is the creator of the Amazon Books Series IMMERSION.

Here are some links for you guys to access the ebook versions, free on Kindle Plus.

black and white photograph of iServalan (AKA Sarnia de la Maré) from the band Tale Teller Club in their recording studio standing with electric cello and piano

Sarnia de la Maré is artist, writer, and illustrator known for her immersive works. Let’s delve into her artistic journey:

  1. Artistic Background:

    • Sarnia hails from a lineage of artists and poets, which has deeply influenced her creative path.
    • Her journey into the art and literary world began at an early age, steeped in a rich heritage of creativity. As a child she regularly attended poetry meetings and theatrical performances that were so evocative of the 1960s and 1970s.
    • She was sent away to boarding school at eleven but this was no ordinary school. Frensham Heights in Surrey England has a long history in the creative arts.
  2. Book of Immersion Series:

    • Sarnia is both the writer and illustrator of the Book of Immersion series.
    • This series weaves together imagination, storytelling, and visual elements, inviting readers to immerse themselves in the converging storylines. The Book of Immersion also features music by the Tale Teller Club Band.
  3. Marchioness of Dorchester Poetry Collection:

    • As the Marchioness of Dorchester, Sarnia has explored the realm of poetry. A tongue in cheek performance art character locked into the 1600s.
    • Her collection contains evocative verses that touch upon themes of love, longing, and the human experience, often featuring fruit and other symbolism.
  4. Podcast and Tale Teller Club Academy of Arts:

Sarnia de la Maré’s artistic endeavors blend words, images, and emotions that resonate with audiences. 🎨✨

Some examples of the work Sarnia is currently involved with.

  1. Art by Sarnia de la Maré:

    • You can immerse yourself in Sarnia’s figurative artworks and portraits by visiting her blog, Art by Sarnia de la Maré FRSA.
    • Her unique blend of oil paints and gold leaf brings subjects to life, capturing subtle nuances of human expression and revealing the soul beneath the surface1.
    • Explore her techniques, themes, and mesmerizing allure on her blog: Art by Sarnia de la Maré FRSA
  2. “The Afterlife”:

  3. Anti-War Poetry and Live Readings

Check out these useful links with Sarnia'd other work.

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Podcasts with a futuristic vibe with poetry readings and music by AI and the Homotech 23s

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Jan 14, 2024

She, a poem by the Marchioness of Dorchester, Sarnia de la Maré FRSA


poet Sarnia de la Maré the Tale Teller Club


She sits so proud

So straight of neck,

not bowed

not low but high



on wings

so sleek,

not weak

just there


she belongs

Her face 

so strong

Her arms like


they take the strain

of those who

dare to

say her name

She walks

on air 

the breathe that


only breath

she steals

to make 

her rise

She does not


their lies

She climbs 

on walls

their walls of hate

wont hold her in

she will not fall

She stands



For she is she





©2024 Sarnia de la Maré FRSA 

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Dec 19, 2023

Strata 10, Book of Immersion V1, Dinfant Trouble (Synthetic Love)

Welcome to Immersion, You Have Reached Strata 10

Social norms and culture cannot be underestimated in a world that accepts robots as real and lovable synthetic creatures. Humans do not experience love in the absence of culture and society. In a world where perfect companions are easily manufactured, humans have been seduced by the machine, a synthetic digitised force that enabled the switch from 'otherness' to 'sameness'. In this space, love is seen to flourish. The creators of androids are able to synthesise the alterity of the robot which seems to make its own decisions to commit, to love back, and to appear to do so willingly.

We are the abandoned The ones who roam

Never still, we search for home

We are the orphans of the night

We fly the High Roads and duck the low

Through floods and Fire

We cry the songs of the gypsy choir

Dinfants are androids who look like babies and children under five. They were made by a single manufacturer who patented them in the early 22nd century. They were designed to learn, like human children, extremely quickly. It was found however that the early Dinfants (Mark 1s) would not stop learning and legislation was brought in to have them destroyed. One thousand early manufactured Dinfants are still unaccounted for.

Many humans in the Midcast Projects were lonely suffering from various forms of infertility They wanted baby or child droids, especially the *dinfants, who were exact copies of real children designed with variations and specifics to order. These androids were children who never grew up.

Housekeeping droids were generally not created with a capacity to eat, although they often had tongues that were covered in tiny sensors that were able to identify flavours and poisons. The sensors were not linked to memories in the way that humans were.

Infants, like adult droids, were easy enough to replace or upgrade but some parents had needed counseling for Dinfant-Loss Depression.

*DLD was a rising concern due to its increased prevalence and its effect on the workforce. It was found that humans could easily fall in love with the outer casings of the dinfants as well as the constructed personalities. Something almost unheard of three generations prior.

But the outer coverings didn't last very long, especially if there was an active physical relationship. Ten years of feeding and playing would take its toll on the fabric of the dinfants. If the parents could not afford repairs, they would soon begin to look tatty.

Of course, this also applied to adult droids who would usually be upgraded on a regular basis.

Droid manufacturers often offered ongoing upgrades as part of a rental scheme.

But some humans fell in love with their droids and had blessing ceremonies. It was not legal to marry a droid because of the financial implications following the death of a human. Legally, droids had similar rights to human children. It was illegal to inflict violence on a droid in public. This was to protect children who may be susceptible to influence. Of course, what goes on behind closed doors was a private affair, provided human children were not presenting behavioral issues.

Some antique droids lasted the test of time but legislation had been brought in to avoid the hoarding of defunct androids as they posed a threat to contemporary society, for various reasons. There were issues with battery seepage for a start, and then problems of unsupervised regeneration which was actually a serious crime in the midcast projects.

The government gave upgrade vouchers for defunct or redundant droids and would supervise destruction in centralized plants.)


'Get that freakin thing outta here will you!'

A man screams to no one in particular.

The house is a standard build from the early Midcast Zone villages. Clean, white, filled with contemporary fittings and technologies.

A child enters the room.

'Mommy. Kairo is following me's really annoying. And Daddy said we should throw it away. Let's get a new one Mommy, please. My friend has one like a twin sister. One with the hair that grows back so she can cut it and play hairdresser.'

The woman sighs.....'I suppose we don't need it anymore now you have real friends. I thought you wanted a *ponybot, even better than a sister, don't you think?'

The woman strokes her child's cheek and remembers how lost she had been when they first told her it was unlikely she and her *blessed would produce a human offspring.

The Mark 1, a Dinfant, made by the Metacoms Corporation, was a perfect substitute and she had been able to focus love and attention on it. It was a copy of a four-year-old and she had ordered a blue-eyed blond version like her blessed. It was such a good copy that most people were unaware that it was not a human child.

But the software was no longer being updated and the learning algorithm meant it had become too complicated for a convincing child substitute.

Also, the Dinfants, by design and default programming, craved love and attention and the Mark 1s' constant need for love was an irritant to busy parents. The Dinfants would constantly ask for cuddles and reassurance that their owners wanted and adored them.

The Mark 1 enters the room.

'Mommy, do you love me? Shall we have a little cuddle? Can you fit me in? Mommy, please, Kairo has a lovely snuggle for you Mommy. Mommy.....

'Shut up,' screams the woman as the father enters the room and kicks Kairo hard.

The Dinfant lies on the floor crying loudly with a broken arm.

'Please Mommy and Daddy Please, Kairo needs cuddles, please Mommy and Daddy ...please, love for Kairo, please......'

The little girl holds her hands to her ears shouting, 'It's so annoying!'

The man picks Kairo up and turns his power switch off.

'Let's get rid of it. Put it in the garage. I will sort out a collection for it tomorrow,' said the woman.

The man takes the Dinfant outside but decides to put it in a liner and into the communal waste shoot. The shoot serves 100s of dwellings, no one will trace it back to them and he can say it was stolen from the garage. He is concerned about the breakage as it will affect the insurance. It is better to make a theft claim than to have Metacom say he had damaged it on purpose.


A man tinkers in a workshop. He is observing the collection of children and babies that are hung on the walls as he cradles a new package, as yet unopened.

'Well my little lovelies, one of you must go. I have a lovely new friend who is going to join us for fun and games. Her name is Mary.'

The man, wide-eyed and excited, unwraps the new child droid.

'Well, ain't you the prettiest lil girl I ever saw?' he says touching her skin.

'And don't that feel just so real'.

The Droid replies, 'Hello Daddy. I'm such a daddy's girl,' she chuckles.

The man looks around the room.

He picks up a toddler droid, a Mark 1 copy of an eighteen-month-old baby boy.

'Well Daniel, I guess I am all done with you. You are a bit small after all.'

'But daaaaaaddd....yy.......I loooov.

The man opens the back of the droid's head and takes out the battery pack.

He places the incapacitated droid in a bag and under darkness deposits it into a waste unit in the public park.


There is a black cloud above and rain falls on a large mountain of waste.

Another load is released from the grabber and two droids land together in an accidental embrace.

The larger droid, a Mark 1 Dinfant is activated during the fall. It has a broken arm that swings beside it.

'Are you alive? it asks the smaller droid?

Dinfant illustration from Immersion by Sarnia de la Maré FRSA

There is no reply.

The larger droid opens the baby's head and observes the interior structure. It lays the baby down gently, 'Wait here, I will be right back.'

The droid returns with some battery packs from old mobile phones and some old drill bits, tools, motors, and other paraphernalia from around the tipping area.

The rain is getting heavier as the night falls.

Under the convenient shelter of a car boot cover the larger droid gets the baby working and fashions a new arm with a metal drill for a hand. It has also a motorised catapult for the top of its head which rotates and fires nails at great speed.

'My name is Kario,' says the larger droid.

'I am Daniel' says the baby boy droid.

The children cuddle each other.

'I love you Kairo'

'I love you, Daniel'

'We are in a very dangerous place,' says Kairo. When dark deepens we must find safe haven. Soon we will need a home to call our own. But I have learned that humans are not to be trusted.'

They hear a sound, a child cries.


Shabra ignored Renyke's appeal to stop and lets go of the clutch. The vehicle leaps forward towards the street beyond the enclosure.

Maybeline holds on to the rim of the car door.

The Dinfants on the top of the vehicle fall off shrieking and scrambling around.

One of the Dinfants runs headlong towards the fast travelling car and clicks its fingers erecting some kind of screen that is almost invisible. Although it is not a solid barrier, more like a gluey substance, it has immobilized the vehicle. The wheels still turn and Flex shouts,

'Damn, they got *epoxy-wall, we are doomed, farewell brethren.'

Renyke opens the window enough to let Maybeline in who moves sluggishly through the invisible slurry-like jelly and squeezes herself through the gap.

Some of the gluey-like stuff seeps in with her but it is semi-solid and connected to the entire transparent fabric structure in front of them. Renyke and Flex shove the squidgy lumps out whilst closing the window again.

'Ok, so you got your rat Mr. Renyke,' said Shabra, 'but we aint lasting longtime with this air in here and that epoxy-wall won't help us at all. I made this car airtight cos of the gases. That stuff is blocking my air-con vents."

Shabra turns the engine off.

The OS is out of range for help.

The Dinfants sit it out becoming unnervingly quiet.

'So what, now, will they sit and watch us die?' Asks Renyke.

'They want my wheels,' answers Shabra.

'This epoxy-wall, nice stuff if it's on your side. Shall we break some off? Might come in handy,' says Flex.

Shabra and Renyke tut.

Suddenly Maybeline throws herself at the horn. For the brief moment that it sounds, there is an immediate reaction from all the Dinfants who jump and cry whilst flailing their limbs about.

Shabra gasps, 'Ratty, you are welcome in the Shabra carriage! They hate the horn. Must be them there low decibels I used. Hold on to your hats people of the night!'

Shabra tells Renyke to engage the horn which explodes audibly out of Shabra's surround sound external speakers. The Dinfants are freaking out and running away dragging the epoxy-wall behind them.

Shabra, laughing, starts the engine slowly. She follows them gradually gaining speed out of the enclosure.
Flex is jumping around on the back seats screaming with delight. Renyke feels the thumping sensation in his chest subside and breathes a sigh of relief.

to be continued
©2023 Sarnia de la Mare

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Dec 23, 2021

The Cafeteria by Sarnia de la Maré FRSA

Bunnie hopped her way down a long corridor. The bright lights were blinding her and she had a headache. She was in a hurry. The walls were lined with celebratory portraits of animals and insects from all over the world; intricate batiks and weaves as well as paintings in ostentatious frames. The high ceilings and open views from the large windows made her nervous, jumpy. Frankly. she would be glad when this was over.

Someone startled her, trotting up from behind, clippety-clopping loudly. They overtook her, turning to look at her huge brown eyes. It was a man with long grey hair. He shimmied his main proudly and smiled before clippety-clopping ahead in worn black shoes that had seen better days.

Bunnie smiled back, nervously. She needed all the support she could rally, being a stranger here.

Bunnie is nervous

At the double doors, a woman waited. She looked Bunnie up and down with a supercilious stare then looked at the door.
Bunnie felt awkward and was uncertain of her next move. Should she barge passed? She stopped briefly and lent forward to open the door, waiting for the stranger to go through.
The woman just looked at Bunnie then turned away to glance outside through an adjacent window at the view. Then, just as Bunnie tried to make her own way through the door, the woman leaped in front of her nearly tripping her over.

Bunnie called out a mild expletive and the woman turned around and hissed something back at her, running off to the food area.

Bunnie was feeling agitated. She had been told to meet someone called Ratindra.
Apparently, she was distinctive looking because of her very long nails.

‘You can’t miss her,’ the concierge had added, ‘she has sticky-out ears too and sits watching everyone from a table in the corner by the drinks cooler.’

The cafeteria was large and busy. There were people all around; running, walking, sitting, some slow, some fast, some skittish, some brazen, some reading, some eating. There was a lot of noise too and Bunnie wondered what they all did here, this diverse group of characters all having refreshments in the cafeteria. There was a lot to take in.

Bunnie spotted Ratindra at last, who was just as the concierge had described.
‘Hi Bunnie,’ said Ratindra, ‘We have been expecting you.’

‘Hi,’ Bunnie replied nervously, ‘what is this place, why am I here?’
Ratindra wiped something off her cheek with the back of her hand and scratched her long nose.
‘Ah, have they not explained? Let me go over things. This is the pre-metamorphosis area. This is just where you come to sort out paperwork before your change.’

Bunnie looked confused.
‘Sorry, I don’t understand.’
Ratindra wiped her cheek again and started nibbling her long nails with her front teeth.
‘Interesting,’ mused Ratindra, ‘where are your papers?’
‘Papers, what papers? I don’t have any papers. You mean like a passport or something?’ asked Bunnie, now feeling self-conscious.

Ratindra sighed.
‘Wait here,’ she said, ‘I will be right back.’
A few minutes later Ratindra returned with a colleague.
‘This is Camila, she said,’

camel from Immersion

Camila was a top-heavy lady with a hunchback. She had long fluffy eyelashes and as she read her notes, repeatedly flared her nostrils. Ratindra offered her some water which she declined.

‘Just to clarify, Bunnie,’ said Camila, ‘you
don’t have your notes?’

‘No,’ said Bunnie, with a sigh. ‘I was just told to come here immediately after the prang in the car.’
Ratindra and Camilla looked at one another. Ratindra spoke first, ‘I think we may need to speak to Eddy,’ she whispered, ‘there may have been yet another bureaucratic balls-up.'

Eddy joined the group ten minutes later giving Ratindra and Camila a great big hug. He was a large rotund man with lots of facial hair and a bounding gait. He moved down to hug Bunnie too, who panicked, but then realised he needed to be professional in the circumstances and sat down instead to look through his stack of papers.

‘So, Bunnie,’ he said, in a deep baritone voice, ‘do you understand where you are and why you are here?’
‘No,’ said Bunnie, fidgeting and beginning to feel anxious.

‘Let me explain. I am sorry if this is a shock but you are dead. This is the metamorphosis centre where you are booked in for your transformation into your spirit animal.’

‘Dead!’ shouted Bunnie, ‘but I am here and very alive thank you very much.’

‘Hmmmm, no not really,’ said Eddy, you were killed twenty minutes ago in a car crash.’

Bunnie thought for a minute and looked down at her body. Something wasn’t quite right.

Things were misaligned and there was dried blood on her dress. Suddenly everything hurt.

‘So, what happens now?’ she asked, beginning to fear the worst. Do I find out if it's Heaven or Hell or something? What exactly IS the procedure?’

Suddenly a man came running over excitedly, jumping from one leg to the other. He ran off again to grab a clipboard then ran back to the table where he finally and sat down.

‘Hi Camilla, Hi Eddy, Hi Ratindra, Hi Bunnie,’ he said panting, ‘I’m Heinz, very pleased to meet you.' Heinz lifted his hand purposefully but clumsily and put it on Bunnie's, so she shook it obligingly assuming it was protocol.
‘Look, there seems to be an issue, Bunnie,’ he said.
‘You don’t seem to have been allocated a spirit animal for your metamorphosis today.’
Bunnie looked at Eddy and said because she could think of nothing else, ‘well someone isn’t doing their job properly are they?’

The four people opposite her gasped in unison. Heinz licked his lips and avoided eye contact. Camilla snorted, Ratindra twitched and Eddy rubbed his eyes.

‘No, Bunnie, you see, it isn’t us, it’s you,’ said Heinz. 'You need to choose your spirit animal before you die otherwise you can’t go through to the next level of metamorphosis. This is basic. You have really been remiss. It’s surprising as you are already an adult. Most people know early on and certainly decide before they get to the cafeteria.’

Everyone stared at Bunnie.
‘So, what now?’ She asked, also feeling concerned about being dead.
Ratindra spoke. ‘You have to go back,’ she said. ‘It’s disappointing I know. The spirit animal phase is really so much better than the human one. But you will get another chance Bunnie, eventually, I promise. You just need to open your heart.’

Camila, accidentally spitting again, added, ‘you have probably just been too busy dear.'

The loud sirens woke Bunnie up with a start. People were running around making a fuss.

‘You’re Ok love, ‘said the paramedic, lucky miss if you ask me. Let’s give you the once over in the ambulance to make sure nothing is broken and get you to the hospital.'
‘Did I pass out?’ she asked.
‘Just a few seconds love, so we need to watch for concussion. It’s a big shock, a crash like that. Airbag and seat belt saved your life probably.’

A few days later when Bunnie had returned home, her sister came to visit. All her many siblings and extended family had been visiting in an endless caring stream and she had been busy serving nibbles and refreshments now for days. It was exhausting. She was really looking forward to some alone time.

‘I’ve brought you a surprise,’ her sister said excitedly. ‘You spend way too much time running around and working. It is time to take things easy. But I think you need to have some company to share the quiet moments and someone to love when we are not here.’

She presented Bunnie with a large cardboard box wrapped in red ribbons.

‘Go on, open it’ she said.
Inside was a warm fluffy ball looking up at her nervously. It the most beautiful long-eared baby rabbit Bunnie had ever seen.

'I saw him and thought of you, you were made for each other,' said her sister.

Bunnie gently lifted him out, enraptured and filled with glee. She held him in her arms like a newborn baby and shed a tear of happiness.
Then the two new friends rubbed noses and stared into each other's big round chocolate eyes for a very long time.

© 2019 Sarnia de la Maré FRSA