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Jan 15, 2024

Let’s Go Swimming, lyrics by Tale Teller Club

Let's go Swimming

One day in May

The sadness came

I couldn’t take the pain 

The sea was cold

I felt so old

As faith had left, again

The heaviness of water

Sat upon my bones

As I sank into the darkness 

and said goodbye to home

Breathe! Breathe! they cried 

as the reaper drew my soul

And all around the creatures watched 

as my thickening blood ran cold

Was death the end I wondered?

As I touched the ocean floor

I saw a life before me 

and I knew I wanted more

So breathe I did, again, again 

and the salty sea filled fast

My body fought for the air I knew 

and I was sure to breathe my last

Angels of hell and water babes 

inhabited the blue

Come they said let’s take a ride

for we have chosen you

And so it passed, my body changed 

I'm a warrior of the deep 

Filled with hope and glory,

my best new life to keep

We lead the babes to mothers 

thrown from  the ships of slaves

Who seek their babies in weeds

Whose tears become the waves

The suicides and fated

Who’s lives were taken fast

The souls who cry for longing

We give their hopes a chance

To seek a peace more certain

Than that they lost on land

Where God and kin forsake them

Where no one held their hand

©2023 Tale Teller Club

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Jan 2, 2024

Danger and Prose by Tale Teller Club (lyrics with a biro)

Danger and Prose by Tale Teller Club I was on a boat somewhere Floating on an ocean of my dreams Vaughn Williams Played A seranade To the waves Me and the old guy were drinking rum And the birds weaved their way In the rays of the sun ‘So what’s in the barrels?’ I said ‘Those are the souls of the dead All lost at sea There to remind me They smooth my way Map my stay Under the sun Into the seas Riding the waves Into the breeze’ ‘Why don’t you set them free?’ I said 'It’s a long tome dead, caged in a barrel’ ‘Because sinners party too well In Hell Never trust a stranger Take it from a lost soul who knows’ The old man was asleep on rum And I freed the souls one by one And they danced and they sung And the band played their drums We dived in the sea Went down to the core The flames they grew high And I just wanted more Cause the sinners party well Especially When their in Hell ©2021 Tale Teller Club /Sarnia de la Mare #poetry #poetrycommunity #poetrylovers #writer #writerscommunity #songs #lyrics #lyricswithabiro #sarniadelamare

Dec 31, 2023

Love Boat Lyrics by Tale Teller Club (lyrics with a biro)

Lovers pie artwork at Saatch by Sarnia de la Mare

The sins of the city

are drawing us in

Where do we start?

Is it really a sin?

I’m tempted to the valley

Where the trouble always stems

I wanna jump on your love boat

With you at the helm

We like the girls

We like the boys

Is it so bad

to play with our toys?

See the boy over there

with the ocean blue eyes?

I wanna dive in,

feel his surprise

Hot dripping skin

Clothes sticky and wet

I feel like I know him

But we haven’t yet met

See the girl over there

With the dark brown eyes?

Looks like she’s high,

Just living on life

The birds on the wire

are facing the sun

The party is over

Though it’s hardly begun

The piper is coming

To take me away

The party is over

Though I just wanna stay

The sins of the city

Are drawing us in

I’m tempted to the valley

Where the trouble begins

©2020 Tale Teller Club / Sarnia de la Maré