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Dec 30, 2023

God Only Knows Lyrics with a Biro by Tale Teller Club

God Only Knows by Tale Teller Club

Please tell me what’s going on

with me n you

Every time I walk in the room

No one’s looking me in the eye

They all look away

Did I tread on somebody’s toes?

God only knows

Did we take it too fast?

Or did we take it too slow?

God only knows

What time of night do you call this?

I don’t mean to pry

But it feels like

We’re not alone

Are you seeing someone else?

Is it time to say farewell?

Shall we call it a day?

Go our separate ways?

Your friends never liked me anyway

They thought I was stuck up and you were too good for me

My mum didn’t like you either

She said you were

rough and crude

I don’t mean to be rude

But it looked like you were asking

What do you mean it was me?

Don’t pass the buck

I grew strong

I’ve grown up

Now I don’t give a 

damn da dadamn da da damn damn damn

God only knows

You took time away from me

It wasn’t yours to keep

Get off my dance floor 

I want to be free

It’s time to be me

So I heard you were seeing other people

Word on the street is

that we were open

You shoulda told me

If that’s what you were hopin

©2021 Tale Teller Club/Sarnia de la Mare

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