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Jun 8, 2024

The Fifth String by John Philip Sousa #musicfans #violin #story

Free Audiobooks by the Tale Teller Club Story Project
A featured book for this weekend chosen especially for music fans.

“The Fifth String” is a novel by John Philip Sousa, the renowned American composer and conductor. In this intriguing tale, a continental concert violinist arrives in America and becomes captivated by a banker’s seemingly cold-hearted daughter. However, the plot takes an unusual turn when the violinist encounters an instrument with an extra “fifth string.” Music played on this unique violin enchants the listener but brings death to the player. The story weaves together love, music, and mystery, making it a fascinating read. You can find the book for free on Project Gutenberg. Enjoy! πŸŽ»πŸ“–

The Tale Teller Club Official Podcast is called the iServalan Show and is available on iTunes, Spotify etc.

What is the Tale Teller Club? Band, Orchestra, Filmmaker, Podcaster, Set Designer, Author, Lyricist and Musician in no particular order

The Tale Teller Club is a captivating platform that weaves together art, literature, and music. Founded by British author, artist, and composer Sarnia de la MarΓ© (also known as iServalan), it offers a multisensory experience for the cerebral cortex. Here are some features of the club:

  1. iServalan Show: A podcast covering topics like AI, culture, and music.
  2. Tale Teller Club Academy of Arts: An online learning platform teaching skills such as drawing, dancing, and playing instruments.
  3. Tale Teller Club Publishing: Produces and distributes audiobooks, ebooks, and short plays.
  4. Tale Teller Club Inked: A show spotlighting tattoo designs and techniques.
  5. Music Therapy: Based on the theory of Rife Healing Vibrations, exploring resonance therapies.

You can explore their enchanting world on their YouTube channel and TwitterπŸŒŸπŸŽ¨πŸ“šπŸŽΆ12

Animation Films by Tale Teller Club for the Book of Immersion Series are available on YouTube

Links to episodes of Immersion written and illustrated by Sarnia de la MarΓ© FRSA, published by Tale Teller Club are below

The Immersion Books are designed to create a reader experience that suspends reality through visuals, stories and music. 

We call the productions 'video books'.

You can catch up with all the latest video books as they are published here at Toddle Poddle and on our other sites.

VIDEO BOOKS by Tale Teller Club

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