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Mar 3, 2024

What is the Book of Immersion by Tale Teller Club, Links and Contact Information

The Book of Immersion is an intriguing online series crafted by the Tale Teller Club. This collective of authors, musicians, composers, and artists collaborates to create a unique and immersive experience for their readers. Let me share some details about this fascinating project:

Overview:The Tale Teller Club Orchestra is at the heart of this endeavor. Their primary focus is on producing an ongoing online book series that delves into surreal and dystopian themes 1
The series is titled “The Book of Immersion” and is authored by Sarnia de la Maré FRSA.
It beautifully combines elements of fantasy and sci-fi.

Plot:The Book of Immersion follows the coming-of-age journey of AI (artificial intelligence) in a world filled with intrigue and challenges.
The story revolves around homotechs, who grapple with navigating a human-dominated society.
The band members of the Tale Teller Club feature in the book as themselves, adding an intriguing layer of metafiction. Characters like iServalan, Flex, and Vapor Punk play various instruments and contribute vocals using technology2.

Art and Music:The series is beautifully illustrated with art by iServalan.
Each episode of Immersion is accompanied by original music, enhancing the storyline.
The Tale Teller Club even offers merchandise related to the series in their shop3.

Experience:Lose yourself in the captivating world of The Book of Immersion by exploring the free online episodes.
If you’re curious, you can find soundtracks related to the series on the Tale Teller Club’s YouTube channel4.

Remember, this isn’t your typical book series—it’s an immersive journey that blends literature, music, and art. Dive in and let your imagination roam! 📚🎶🎨

Learn more

Supporting the Tale Teller Club and their captivating work in The Book of Immersion is a wonderful way to contribute to their creative endeavors! Here are some ways you can show your support:

Spread the Word:Share your enthusiasm for The Book of Immersion with friends, family, and fellow book lovers.
Encourage others to explore this unique blend of literature, music, and art.

Purchase Merchandise:Visit the Tale Teller Club’s shop and consider purchasing merchandise related to the series.
By buying items like posters, T-shirts, or other collectibles, you directly support their creative efforts.

Engage with Their Content:Dive into the free online episodes of The Book of Immersion.
Listen to the original music created by the Tale Teller Club Orchestra for each episode.
Explore the captivating illustrations by iServalan that accompany the story.

Follow Their Channels:Subscribe to the Tale Teller Club’s YouTube channel to stay updated on their latest music releases and other content.
Connect with them on social media platforms to be part of their community.

Attend Events and Performances:Keep an eye out for any live events, readings, or performances related to The Book of Immersion.
Participate in discussions, Q&A sessions, and virtual gatherings.

Remember, your support not only encourages their creativity but also ensures that projects like The Book of Immersion continue to thrive. 📚🎶🎨

The Tale Teller Club is a fascinating collective that weaves together art, literature, and music in a multisensory tapestry. Let’s explore some of the talented artists who contribute to this captivating endeavor:

Sarnia de la Maré FRSA:
Author of “The Book of Immersion”, the heart of the Tale Teller Club’s online series.
Her storytelling blends elements of fantasy and sci-fi, creating a unique narrative experience1.

iServalan™:An artist within the club who adds visual magic to the series.
Her captivating illustrations accompany the unfolding story.
Visit her website for more of her art projects and eco-production methods2.

Tale Teller Club Orchestra:This musical ensemble provides original compositions for each episode of “The Book of Immersion”.
Their music enhances the immersive experience, making it even more enchanting3.

Flex, Vapor Punk, and other band members:These musicians play various instruments and contribute vocals within the story.
Their presence adds a layer of metafiction, blurring the lines between reality and fiction1.

Remember, the Tale Teller Club is more than just a club—it’s a journey into creativity, where artists collaborate to craft something truly extraordinary. 🎨📚🎶

To get in touch with the Tale Teller Club Band, you have a few options:

Facebook:You can find the Tale Teller Club on Facebook. They have a page where you can connect with them and stay updated on their music and other activities1.
Visit the Tale Teller Club Facebook Page to engage with their content.

Tale Teller Club Music:If you’re specifically interested in their music, there’s a separate Tale Teller Club Music page on Facebook.
Check out the Tale Teller Club Music Facebook Page for updates and discussions related to their musical endeavors2.

Explore Their Music:Dive into their enchanting compositions! You can find their music on their website, including pieces like “Gossamer and Steel,” “Nothing but Air,” and “Mining for Love” (both solo piano and full orchestra versions)3.
Let the melodies connect you to their creative world.

Feel free to reach out, listen to their music, and be part of the Tale Teller Club community! 🎶📚🎨

Sarnia is the creator of the Amazon Books Series IMMERSION.

Here are some links for you guys to access the ebook versions, free on Kindle Plus.

Dec 16, 2023

Strata 3, Book of Immersion V1, Flex and the Robo-Dog (Making Decisions)

people in fancy clothes walking weird dogs

You have reached strata 3.

Decisions are the cusp between reality and possibility. Decisive actions create a moving universe for sentient beings where chance itself can immobilise actions and defeat progress. The maker of decisions holds a power over themselves, and, more often than not, over others.


Maybeline was sitting on Renyke's shoulder cleaning herself. Renyke made a point of collecting small berries and bugs which he stored in the pocket of his leather coat after squishing them dead and cataloguing their chemical compound and physiology.

Catching himself in a window reflection he put on the dark glasses he had found in the pocket of the coat which now offered protection from the unfamiliar weather conditions.

The winter sun was low in the sky.

'We look pretty good Maybeline, considering,' said Renyke, surprised by his vanity

Mabeline nestled into his neck as they entered the foreboding street.


They were in the centre of the busy metropolis. There was a lot of activity, people were shouting, bartering goods and moving quickly about the place. There were small groups of brightly dressed individuals leaning and congregating around stationary vehicles. Some were smoking pipes. Small hazy clouds hovered above them trapping the weak rays of the sun. The towering semi-derelict buildings created a darkened environment where small fires provided light and warmth.

The vehicles seemed to be a mix of old-fashioned motors from transportation systems and helicopters. There were some long legged hybrids, electric solar and engine mashups that looked like menacing metal insects. 

The smells in the air were unfamiliar to Renyke but his detectors revealed them to be mostly comprised of chemicals: chlorine, sulfur, silicone, fluorine polymers and plasticisers. 

'Hey, dude from the *Brightside, you want some *nibs?' 

A man hovered expectantly, somewhat close for comfort. He looked disheveled and seemed on edge as he checked all directions and avoided making eye contact Renyke.

Renyke checked his POS database for 'nibs'.

A drug used by nearly half the world's population that creates euphoria and doubles strength for a limited period. Can cause temporary and permanent coma. Long-term effects; brain rot.

'How much?' asks Renyke, who's algorithm was set to absorb all information about humans.

'I can do you a deal' said the man, '50 *bits.... Or the Rat'.

Renyke checked the POS for bits.

.....Bits: street talk for gold, silver, uranium and other metal nuggets used in the black and grey economy without government authority....

'I have no bits,' said Renyke.

'Hahahahahaha'.........' see you in hell brother!' shouted the man as he danced away on long legs and a demeanor that seemed at odds with his situation in this corner of Hell, this Godforsaken place.

In the midcasts, happiness came with security and expectation: digital and technological lives were formatted for predictability and reliability. Everything was clean and sanitised.

A fat man in a fur coat whistled at Renyke, 

'Hey girly, you want some dirty action? I'll take that rodent off your hands if you need some sexy time.'

A warning comes from the POS.

Danger. Immediate. Ground Level.

A robot dog was barking loudly at Maybeline who was now snarling and making a shrieking noise.

'Wow, not so cute after all,' said Renyke.

For a millisecond Renyke analysed the possibilities of his next actions.

The options were endless. The POS created a fleeting map of most probable scenarios, outcomes that sprawled a multidimensional time map like a mathematical cobweb.

He could immobilise the robo-dog, tame it and use it for a million ends, sell it, break it up and separate its useful component parts, analyse its database for information, take its operating system, he could even ignore it. 

As a droid and an excellent chess player, single decisions about actions that Renyke could make foresaw a million possibilities. Theoretically, this allowed for finely tuned activities and performance with very little or zero harm caused to his owners. Indeed, this forward thinking ability had marked machines as superior in operation to humans who were narrow thinkers and only able to make selfish and immediate decisions based on emotional desire without reference to consequences. 

The dog opened its mouth and bit Renyke's ankle.

© 2023 Sarnia de la Maré

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