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Strata 1, Book of Immersion V1, The Beginning (Purpose)


Book of Immersion V1, by Tale Teller Club

Strata 1, Purpose

Illustration by iServalan for the Book of Immersion V1

Lose yourself in the safety of books.

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The Book of Immersion

Volume 1

Strata 1

The Beginning


From Immersion the Musical

By Tale Teller Club

Lose yourself in the safety of books.

The Book of Immersion

Volume 1

Strata 1

The Beginning


By Tale Teller Club

It's Life Song Lyrics

You wake up in the morning

You don’t know where you are

You do a quick 360

Looks like you’re making art

You’re Caught in a bubble 

‘tween real and fake

You’re never really sure

Which ducker’s on the take

It’s just life my friend

But it’s the only one you get

It’s just life my friend

You only get one shot

So you get up off the floor

The sun is coming through

You get these freaky feelings

You don’t know what to do

You’d better watch your back

Cos bruises gonna hurt

It’s gonna take a while for you

To prove your worth.

We’re all in the dark

Just walking in the park

The more you try 

It just gets worse

The more you want

The deeper the curse

It’s just life my friend 

But it’s the only one you get

©2024 Sarnia de la Maré FRSA

Welcome to Immersion

You Have Reached Strata 1

What is your purpose here? What drives your desires and achievements? Is there a greater good you seek? Is there anything more important than yourself? You are but a fleck of dust within a universe you cannot control.

And yet, decisions you make today will affect everything around you in an unprecedented future. Your past actions, the very existence of you, have made a difference to the world. What is your past? Have you learned lessons? Are you controlled by unrecognisable forces or are you your own God?

Welcome to Immersion, may your journey go well.

Renyke's inner motors began to whirr.

He had put himself into voluntary shutdown during the dark-cycle in order to save power.

The position within the human household as a domestic servant had been more than suitable and had sustained him all of his life till now, albeit a short one in human years. He was around a decade old which was quite a long life for an android. New technologies and updates marked regular upgrades and there was little call for used 'droids'.

Now, here on the cold paved ground in the open air, Renyke could feel changes in his body and surroundings. There were unfamiliar sounds and an ever-present white noise from the activities of strangers in a cityscape he had not seen before.

An unrecognised sense of trepidation washed around him and occupied his thoughts. Renyke was not programmed to experience fear, the feeling must have been something else.

From the start of his operational cycle, Renyke had performed the necessary housekeeping duties within an interior domain. 

It was a twenty-four-hour installation that bound him by duty and programming to put humans first. To any human, until today, Renyke had been subordinate. 

Things had become difficult after the arrival of another android, a female version 12 named Ableteen, who was considered the fastest domestic to date, (this 6th day of the 11th Moonturn 2289).  

Ableteens were able to preserve battery power with a hybrid electro-solar panel on the back and shoulders. This worked well in the new modern glassed apartments of the suburban zones. These cutting-edge designer houses were maximising sunlight like never before in the new Midcast Housing Projects.

Some of the new apartments even came with the Ableteens installed and ready to help the occupiers enjoy the best life possible.

Renyke was not the only older domestic robotic servant to have had their contract abruptly terminated. Some were simply dismantled, some were thrown into crushers still working, and some were being recycled into experimental hybrids for illegal purposes.

Renyke noted that although he was now a vulnerable street-bot, he was spared a wasted end. Perhaps, now without enslavement, there would be new experiences. He had never cared before, after all, he was an emotionless droid. But today here in unfamiliar surroundings there was some sort of excitement. Something was calling him towards adventure.

All robots since 2050 had been installed with a clear-mode which enabled eco-friendly destruction. Parts had to be handed into the municipal facility to avoid issues with landfills and accidental hybrids. 

There was talk of an underclass of feral bots who were made out of parts from the old dumping grounds before the eco-legislation had been implemented. They say that some of these bots were made by the bots themselves; innards and parts that had communicated and joined forces across the debris of twisted metal and wires.

Mabel, the daughter from the family Renyke had worked for, had un-twinned him from the household appliances and deleted the software that had once meant he could never leave. 

Together they had upgraded his operating system with drivers available via an underground organisation called Redact.

Renyke had been created to blend in, in the midcasts, but Mabel had decided to mess him up a bit for a new life in the outer zones. Safety was in the camouflage of the ordinary.

Some robots had been designed to look aggressive, others looked like adult child hybrids who were designed as pleasure bots. Generally speaking, all robots found the open streets difficult. Artificial intelligence-led service androids were legally programmed to be submissive and they were picked on and abused in their short lifespan. Even strong exteriors would eventually break under such conditions.

The streets in the outer zones were crime-ridden. Since the pandemics, no law-abiding human citizen walked outside. For the most part, humans in the zones were there to partake in vice and black market trading. Androids were there to be used, abused and discarded.

Renyke's insides were a complex mass of wires and electrical paraphernalia that ran a well-balanced functioning machine.

But the outside world was alien and Renyke needed to explore it to become fully educated on the customs and the environment. He was programmed to learn. His algorithms had been set to gain an advantage in unchartered terrain by observing closely the details of situations. This was key to making robust decisions for survival. He also had a reliable and omniscient personal operating system to guide him.

Together, Mabel and Renyke had researched what they could but there were pockets of the outside world that had been effectively erased because of a system of cloaking. Areas beyond 

the midcast projects were cloaked in fake maps that even the most sophisticated satellites were unable to penetrate or decipher. Distances and information about the terrain were usually falsified.

The records had become unreliable because of the sabotage of information that had all been digitised after the warmings. 

It had become a confusing mass of fake news and blurred living memories. 

But after the tech wars with China and Russia, and the pandemics, there were so few old people left and memorial information was mostly unreliable.

Many myths prevailed. 

Inside the Midcast Projects, things were different, they were much more organised. 

Legislators and the executive had rectified the situation and made records of everything.

The government had recorded every human's iris print and DNA before they were born. It was a rule that any pregnant human, male or female, had to inform the legislators and they were scanned immediately. It was impossible to get through life in the Midcast Zones without being categorised and having all your data recorded for the rest of your life.

But beyond midcasts, here in the natural light, even the smells were unrecognisable.

It took just a few seconds to warm up and reboot.

The surroundings were scanned as Renyke checked the 360-degree orbital range from the silent detectors inside his POS.

He was fully charged and his battery life would last months.

Suddenly there was a warning....

Unknown Danger Approaching ...... Left Ground Level

Renyke engaged his internal antenna and watched a furry creature scurry past. His scanners perused the information app. 

The POS informed Renyke about the creature.

Rat, rodent, possible food source

Renyke engaged his arm extension and snatched the rat from the ground. 

He brought it close to his face and studied it, carefully analysing its properties.

To be continued…….

©2022-2024 Sarnia de la Mare

Tale Teller Club Publishing

From Immersion the Musical

By Tale Teller Club

Lose yourself in the safety of books.

The Book of Immersion

Volume 1

Strata 1

The Beginning


©2022-2024 Sarnia de la Mare / Tale Teller Club


Jul 21, 2022

Tranquil, a short horror story #supernatural #relationships by the Sarnia de la Maré FRSA

portrait Marchioness of Dorchester Sarnia de la Maré FRSA

Here is Tranquil, a short horror story 🧟‍♂️👻💀 #supernatural #horror #relationships Share Like & Retweet our community #ShamelessSelfpromoMonday #AuthorsOfTwitter #writerslift📚 Drop your #Links#Books, #Blogs, #Art, #WIP, #URL, #Poetry, #Podcasts, #Audiobooks, #Music #booklovers #WritingCommunity #ReadersCommunity #BookBoost #readersoftwitter #support Sarah answered the door. The Priest smiled and Sarah let him immediately. Without taking off his coat, he said ‘Yes, indeed Sarah I can feel a terrible energy here. But I can help you now. Let us begin.’ David sat alone in a dark room. There was a table and another chair and a light hung from the ceiling, swinging, creaking. He hurt all over, it was the dull ache of disaster. It was cold, very cold. He put up his collar and folded his arms in an attempt to keep out a determined draft. There was dried blood all over his shirt and jeans which he couldn’t disguise. How long had he been here? He couldn’t be sure. This room was familiar now but the hours, days, and months were not his own. He hadn’t been able to think straight and concentration after the incident had been sporadic. He wasn’t even sure when he had last eaten. There was a door on either side of the room, to his left and to his right. He wondered if he could just get up and leave but some unknown force made him stay put. He would wait it out, besides, he was exhausted, he no longer slept. In Sarah’s house, the Priest lit candles and incense all around. He went into each room and recited prayers and passages of scripture. Sarah was not a Catholic but her situation had driven her to ask for help. Her life was almost beyond liveable. Her friend had recommended the Father who would guide Sarah through the process. In the cold dark room, the door to the right opened suddenly. ‘Hullo, hullo, David. Now, how are you this fine day?’ A man in a heavy coat and scarf entered the room. He was jolly and spoke in a thick Irish accent. ‘Well, now then, it’s not the warmest place is it?’ he continued, rubbing his hands together. ‘Ah forgive me’, he said, ‘let me introduce myself, I am Darragh O’reilly, and I am here to help son, only to help.’ Darragh walked to the side of the room and put on a heater. ‘That’ll warm us up soon enough he said,' pulling the chair out on the opposite side of the table and making himself comfortable. ‘A nasty business this David, but we can sort it out. Just tell me what happened, in your own time.’ David looked at Darragh whose kind eyes were pools of hope glistening in the half-light, and then he began. ‘We used to be OK, me and Sarah. We had some great years. She was funny, you know, quirky. Not a girly girl, one of the lads. I liked that. We had been friends first, from school, did you know?’ Darragh smiled and nodded slowly. ‘Well, things changed, you know, when she got this new job, and she started wanting more. I wasn’t really enough, you know, she wanted a better car, better house, better boyfriend. I really tried, long hours, lots of overtime. I loved her, wanted a family, to live and die together. Simple, normal. She started moaning. Always fucking moaning. Home is supposed to be calm and tranquil, not stressful. It was a battleground. I lost my job and things got worse. More fucking moaning. Screaming sometimes, so the neighbours could hear. Trying to make me feel bad when it was her fault I was getting angry all the time. Then this one Saturday, I admit I was a bit pissed, I’d been watching the football. England had lost so that pissed me right off. You know, I was tense, you know what it’s like. I’d run out of beer so I messaged and asked Sarah to pick some up from the offy; she was already out shopping, would have been no bother. Well, she forgot Darragh, I mean one thing was all I asked, one fucking thing.’ Darragh looked sympathetic and nodded slowly. David felt solidarity and continued. ‘So, she gets in, no beer, and starts going on about the rubbish. I hadn’t put it out see and, yeah, well I guess it was stinking but I was distracted with the football. She starts yelling right, said I looked like a dosser, like a vagrant. Said I was a mess and she couldn’t bear to be near me anymore. She was all tarted up, smelled of fancy perfume, and had new shoes on, like a right dog’s dinner she was. Fucking slag.’ David looked down at his bloody hands. A tear rolled down his cheek, then he sobbed like a child. The Priest fell to his knees on Sarah’s living room floor calling the unwelcome spirits in the house to leave in a chant-like song. Sarah had never seen an exorcism before and felt a chill through her body and a wave of nausea. She assumed it was fear. The lights flickered. A door flew open and something in the kitchen fell to the floor. Sarah ran towards the kitchen but the priest yelled. ‘No, be still child! Exsúrgat Deus et dissipéntur inimíci ejus: et fúgiant qui odérunt eum a fácie ejus,' the Priest was chanting in Latin. A gust of air surged through the house. Darragh put his hand on David’s arm. ‘It’s OK David, I am not here to judge, only God judges. Tell me everything.’ The sobbing had stopped and David continued. ‘I was just so fucking angry. I just grabbed her by the neck and pushed her against the wall. I was so close to her then, closer than I had been for ages. I could feel her breath on my cheek. I almost kissed her but I head-butted her instead. I didn’t mean to do it so hard and she was bleeding. I could smell the blood. But she spat at me and I just got angry so I punched her in the face. There was so much blood, it was pouring from her nose and her brow. There was a big cut. I watched her bleed for a bit. It dripped down her neck and over my hand and I licked it. I wanted to taste her blood. I loved her you know, really loved her. She was quiet. It was so peaceful without her rabbiting on about all that shit. I was squeezing her neck still but I released it a bit because I thought she may be dead, that I’d killed her. I didn’t want to honestly. Everything in Sarah’s house began to rattle. Things were moving about, flying at speed through the air and being thrown around the room backwards and forwards. Things were breaking, pictures falling off the wall and mirrors cracking. The priest carried on shouting despite the danger of a hundred objects hurtling through the air. ‘Let God arise and let His enemies be scattered: and let them that hate Him flee from before His Face! As smoke vanisheth, so let them vanish away: as wax melteth before the fire, so let the wicked perish at the presence of God.’ ‘Carry on David,’ said Darragh, ‘keep going son, keep going.’ ‘Well, then she said I was pathetic and I couldn’t help it, Darragh, really I just went mad, I lost it then completely. I bit her lip really hard. It was like meat, her lip in my teeth, I could feel it coming off in my mouth, felt all her blood on my tongue. That’s when she did it. She picked up a knife, from the side. She stuck it right through Darragh. Straight through my heart. I mean, how could she? It didn’t hurt, like a punch, then hot. But I knew, I knew I was a goner.’ The priest stood up in Sarah’s living room and moaned. Then he opened his eyes. The wind had slowed and things were no longer flying about. ‘Well David, it is good that you have told me and I know you will feel better for it.’ said Darragh. Then he took off his coat and David saw the white collar of a priest. ‘Do I have to go?’ He asked. ‘Yes David you do, I am here to guide you through the door.’ Darragh pointed to the door on the left which was opening. There was a bright light beyond it like a summer’s day. ‘But don’t be afraid David, beyond the door is salvation. Let me take you now.’ Darragh took David’s hand and escorted him to the door. David dropped to his knees. Darragh spoke in prayer, ‘God our Father, I believe that out of your infinite love, you have created David. In a thousand ways, he has shunned Your love. David repents of each and every one of his sins. Please forgive him, Dearest Lord, Amen.' Then he kissed David’s forehead and led him through the door. Sarah’s house was quiet. There was a phenomenal calm that had never been in the building before. The pain of all that had happened was lifted and gone. There was peace here now. ‘Has he gone Father?’ Sarah asked. 'Yes, Sarah he is gone to Jesus, and he has found peace in forgiveness.' ‘So what happens now?' She asked. The Priest looked at the young girl, her face scarred and her eyes sage, ‘I will hear your confession and be on my way,’ the Priest said ‘for all that is tranquil has been resolved.’ © 2019 Tale Teller Club

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