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Mar 7, 2024

Where Art Thou Internet? by the Quillmatic Bardinator #funny

Where Art Though Internet? by the Quillmatic Bardinator

The Internet today did fail

My morn was chaos and life so dire.

No tweets, no memes, no cat vids hailed

The digital streets, they had no fire.

The routers ceased, my cables laid,

As emails vanished into thinning air.

No Google Maps to guide my steps today!

No streaming songs to soothe my hearts’ despair.

O cursed fate! The WiFi signal wanes,

As browsers freeze and error pages pop.

I yearn for bytes, for pixels, for domains,

Yet find myself in darkness, void of hope.

So let us pray, dear Internet, return,

And rescue me from digital concern.

©2024 Sarnia de la Maré 

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Free Ringtone Song for Joe Biden by Quillmatic Bardinator
2 Mar, 2024 - 08:46

Funny Shakespeare Poem Drunken Warning by Quillmatic Bardinator #funnypoems
#taletellerclub #comedy #fun #quillmatic #bardinator
1 Mar, 2024 - 00:44

Strata 5, Immersion V1, Renyke Goes to The Bank (Memories and Experiences) 
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My Brain by Vapor Punk Free Speaktone Ringtones by Tale Teller Club Band
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Sonnet for Swifties by Qiullmatic Bardinator live reading audiobook AI poetry at the Tale Teller Club
27 Feb, 2024 - 00:40

Donald Trump Sonnet by the Quillmatic Bardinator Live AI Reading at Tale Teller Club for more great poetry and prose by author Sarnia de la Mare FRSA
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Unexpected Item in Bagging Area by Quillmatic Bardinator Episode 780 - The iServalan™ Show
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Episode 779 - The iServalan™ Show. Moving the music podcasts and niching down as my writing career kicks off

Mar 2, 2024

Sonnet for Joe Biden’s Forgetful Moments

This sonnet is a playful tribute to President Joe Biden, acknowledging his occasional memory lapses while also recognizing the weight of leadership.

Sonnet for Joe Biden’s Forgetful Moments

Upon the stage, where leaders oft do tread,
A statesman stands, his years a heavy load.
His words like autumn leaves, sometimes misled,
Yet still he strives despite the memory’s abode.

Joe Biden, sage and seasoned, takes the floor,
His silvered hair a crown of fleeting thought.
He stumbles, fumbles, names elude once more,
Yet presses on as if the battle’s fought.

In halls of power where decisions weigh,
He grapples with the ghosts of yesteryears.
The teleprompter blinks a guiding ray,
Yet slips of tongue persist like silent tears.

So let us jest but also understand:
Age weaves its tapestry both frail and grand.

Poetry collection Quillmatic Bardinator image of Joe Biden

©2024 Sarnia de la Mare

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Mar 1, 2024

Of Ale and Tumult: A Drunken Sonnet, A Shakespearian sonnet inspired by the perils of inebriation by the Quillmatic Bardinator

Of Ale and Tumult: A Drunken Sonnet

Upon a merry eve I quaffed my fill,
The tavern’s ale, a potent brew divine.
My senses danced, my reason took a spill,
And mirthful laughter echoed through the brine.

In drunken haze, I stumbled forth, unclad,
My breeches lost to Bacchus’ wild embrace.
The moon a witness to my folly mad,
I stood, a wretched soul in bare disgrace.

The stars themselves did mock my sorry plight,
As I half-naked weaved 'twixt cobblestones.
My dignity, a fleeting, ghostly light,
Gave way to mirthful laugh and groan.

So here’s a caution friends to heed with care:
When drink flows freely, guard your pants and be aware!

©2024 Tale Teller Club / Quillmatic Bardinator

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Feb 27, 2024

Sonnet for Taylor Swift by the Quillmatic Bardinator, live reading

Sonnet for Swifties by Quillmatic Bardinator 

taylor swift singing microphone

Upon the stage fair Taylor takes her stand,

Her voice a melody, her heart a flame. 

In iambic lines, her tales are grand, 

A queen of country by such sweet name.

Her songs like sonnets penned in moonlit hours, 

Unravel love and heartache, joy and strife. 

From Love Story to Shake It Off, 

Her powers Transcend mere words, 

For Taylor breaths such life

Swift as the wind she dances through the years, 

Her guitar strings plucked by Cupid’s bow. 

In every verse, a thousand hopes and fears, 

A saga told in rhymes that ebb and flow.

She alone will guide you this we know

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