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Jun 18, 2024

What is The Book of Immersion Video Book Series by the Tale Teller Club?

Project Immersion was born out of the chaos and confusion that fuelled the zeitgeist during Covid, the Ukrainian Russia war and ongoing struggles in Palestine.
'I was recovering from cancer and experiencing a sudden menopause along with all this chaos everywhere I turned,' explained author Sarnia de la Maré FRSA.

Book of Immersion iServalan
'Trying to make sense of human existence is hard enough without all the added trauma that we all had in our lives, and still do.
Then there was AI! I personally have been using AI for years, most of us have, it really isn't as new as people think. But I was curious about the panic it seemed to be causing. Like all revolutions, similar to the fear of industrialisation, we will adjust. Then we will have another wave as we wonder what all the fuss was about.

So I wanted to create an alternative space where my own enlightenment could manifest in characters and scenarios that would help people escape the torment.
I got ordained and quite simply found myself transcending through art and music to a place of self realisation and peace. This is nothing to do with God by the way, I am the most unreligious person you will ever meet. But I do believe in something other, something greater, and that something is evident in art and music, in dance, in sensory and emotional feelings.

The book started life as a role play game but the funding was all gone as I set up my recording studio and bought my instruments. The funding from The Future's Venture Foundation meant that I could buy real kit that worked. I had been making do with out of tune equipment and poor quality tech up until then.
So I rewrote the first volume as a video novel using animation video and CDM, or cerebral dance music.
Dance, albeit it a fantasy one, a celebration of shapes and movement in lines rather than me prancing around being expressive (though I do do that as well), is really central to the music. I use a lot of percussive stuff too, rhythmic and beat centred compositions to hook listeners in. Then I seduce them with layered lyrics and harmonies that are created by the Tale Teller Club Homotechs.
The Homotechs are central to the concepts I explore on the novel.

The Book of Immersion evolves and has taken on a life of its own. I am excited about where the series will take me in the future.'

You can find out more about project Immersion below.

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