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The human side of iServalan

Strata 3 of Immersion is here at last. You can read all the episodes as they update on the blog

Welcome to the recording studio at Tale Teller Club.

To chat and checkout Midjourney AI, pop over to my server 

Get your free music discounts voucher on my Pond5 music is here

Loop Lovers Production Studio for the latest technology content and bonus free digital music. Audio made by an expert to take the drama out of your creativity.

Tale Teller Club, sharing modern music with the brave new world.

My Music on YouTube is here

Fashion is here

Free Loops n Ringtone Factory by Tale Teller Club presented by iServalan Homotech 23 with great tips on being the best musician you can with the current available technology,

Welcome to Tale Teller Club™ an AI Orchestra.

Home of The Book of Immersion V1 Music and Audiobooks.

iServalan Presents amazing free music every hour of every day for free!

Welcome to a world of music and chat with iServalan, cellist and composer at the

iServalan is also artist in residence at the Tale Teller Club creating superb art and composing great tracks at the Tale Teller Club arts network.

Who is iServalan?

iServalan AI 23 is a Homotech artist and musician is from the band Tale Teller Club.

She is part human and part AI, a futuristic entity finding out about life through music and poetry.

The Tale Teller Club was created with funding from the Future’s Venture Foundation in 2020. The TTC is an electroacoustic orchestra with a futuristic edge fusing jazz, classical, and contemporary stylistic elements to create cerebral dance music or CDM as well as music therapy recordings and film soundtracks.

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New Release Lush Grove by Tale Teller Club is off for Distribution

 I am totally loving my latest track written especially for the Book Immersion V1.

Hope you like it.

hey guys just whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa what a morning I have had right first of all I took yesterday off podcasting so I was a bit I was a bit AWOL but um the thing is when I'm creating a track I have to be so in the zone you just can't take a break it's the way I work it's the way I operate headphones on head down we are on it okay so I'm usually working to really really late at night or early the next morning you know slaving over a hot cello um I recorded this one with a bit of the Yamaha I think I have used the Yamaha electric chair before maybe once but um I really need to make good use of it because it's very very expensive and I barely use it so I'm going to make more of an effort I think with with the cello and perhaps use the cello to start with instead of as an afterthought to add some bass of course it's also the cello is absolutely wonderful for adding angst and all my music's very angst because it's all part of the the book The Book of immersion which is my online musical the audio book Extravaganza that is immersion volume one so I I need ants and when you're storytelling actually you you need more stuff um in your Armory to connect with human beings you know you're not just right you're not writing a hit record or a dance track you're writing something that needs to affect people cerebrally that's how I work anyway if it's if it's got no cerebral connection I wouldn't even call it connection I call it energy cerebral energy if there's none of that it's not really going to work in my book so the cello is absolutely marvelous for that um obviously I'm so obsessed with drums and I used actually a Motown um drum descriptor for my AI um I'm not sure which bit of this drum or these drum tracks were the Motown bit but and I'm not sure that you'd recognize them but you know you can give it a go have a listen um anyway I I never send off to my distributor or iTunes or anyone like that the night I finish because you're tired and you've had the headphones on for so long you don't know anymore what you're hearing because what happens when you're editing you listen to the bit that you're focusing on so you end up ignoring whole parts so the piano is too obvious this morning so I had to compress the piano I had to re-compress the whole thing um and then I'd been doing all that on headphones and then I I took the headphones out what I was fiddling about ready to record this and then I thought oh no the levels are all wrong because of course it sounds completely different on a computer it's going to sound completely different wherever anybody listens to it so basically what I have to do is take a kind of average I have to imagine um you know a sort of what can I say it meets all requirements the best for all which unfortunately is the nature of the you know the modern Beast because you know we're selling on the internet we're streaming on the internet we're creating on the internet people are going to listen on their phones it's all down to the smartphone how does it sound on a smartphone you know all of these things really important you're not in a theater with a full Orchestra one day I want to create all of these tracks with a full orchestra that would be my dying wish absolutely my dying wish um maybe I'll get some funding for it I mean that would be cool wouldn't it get some funding to do that my next big buy is going to be a vocoder a sort of you know proper one with a with a microphone you know because at the moment I do everything with um well plugins on logic pro and I think I'd have a bit more room for not not Improvement I love what I do but I suppose diversity I'm looking for more diverse vocals because the there are a lot of characters in in this book um so this one is about um why you know why do they why are they walking welcoming the machine in when the machine destroys things okay so it's all about AI obviously I mean I say obviously because we're all obsessed with it at the moment I'm completely obsessed with it um but it's doing such wonderful things for me you know it's it's allowing me to create such wonderful artworks um and when it comes to musicianship you know it's allowing me to be a composer I couldn't be a composer without AI you know if I was here with a quill and dipping into ink on parchment this song would have taken me a month to write maybe more and then I wouldn't have recorded it yet I'd have to get all my musicians together wouldn't I so you know AI is really pushing me forward to Excellence and every time I finished a new track I want to do another one straight away um so who knows maybe maybe that will happen we shall see anyway I'm going to release this today and then I'm going to do an album for each episode of the book is going to get its own album okay so um that's going to be really good fun as well and I mean what does it mean it just means you can listen to each album on its own as a release with the spoken word basically um so the the book will be available everywhere I mean it already is there's a podcast but it should be available also to stream so that you won't have to have those ads that's I guess that's the upshot um so there we go how exciting are we all excited I'm very excited to play this I do hope you like it and what can I say it's um less Jazzy I suppose than than normal than my last few a little bit of Swing but not very very little it's quite regulated but I never put the vocals in time with the machine because they don't sound right so I always improvise the vocal um and I mean I emphasize it to a drum track so you know it's already timed um I think that's it the the proof is in the pudding isn't it guys enjoy Lush Grove by Telltale Club


machine [Music]

videos [Music] I'm fine


your head [Music] I don't know [Music]


[Music] foreign


[Music] [Applause] [Music]

thank you

when you are just a machine when you're just in the machine


Using AI in Fashion Design with iServalan, the concept catwalk show

 hey guys I've got my sewing head on today so I thought I'd just run it by you how I'm what I'm doing so I'm going to Brighton at the end of the week it's my daughter's birthday and we're going um I think we're going out somewhere and I'm going to take her for breakfast at a fancy hotel which I thought would be lovely now I wanted to wear something a bit you know except the sort of things that people look at so my AI version of ice Overland has been designing recycled clothes and she did some jeans and I really really like them now what I use the AI for when I do my designs is to create the concept and then I copy what the ai's created do you see what I mean so I put in the idea so I wanted to recycle jeans I wanted to work with denim for a bit and some gold and I wasn't sure quite you know how it would look so the so when you put that into the AI the AI you know visualizes it for you it's a really useful way to design clothes and I love these jeans that I created but they didn't exist yet well I wanted them to exist and I wanted to wear them I wanted to wear them with great pride because they were the sort of thing that saved the planet and also would get me noticed which I you know I crave so what I've done is I've bought a pair of jeans from the charity shop I wanted flares but flares worked particularly well when you're doing the sort of layering Patchwork from recycled brocades it works beautifully with a flared bottom because they hang so perfectly absolutely swishy perfect around the ankles you know um also very very comfortable I didn't want to be you know too restricted because when one is traveling one wants that ease of you know sitting in lots of positions running for a bus although oh well I'll probably actually be on a bus a boat and a train so you know when you're doing that sort of those sort of Maneuvers it is and it is like Army Maneuvers let me tell you getting out of this place I live in a peninsula it's almost cut off like Russia cut off from the world anyway so I bought the Calvin Klein jeans they were actually brand new but you know what I bought them from the men's section because I couldn't find I sort of had my eye on you know maybe 501s or I'm not totally familiar with which Levi was the flared lit version but you know what I mean I wanted something that you know really it's not smart casual is it it's sort of Street casual but expensive looking but I couldn't find anything so I found these Calvin Kleins in the men's section and they're very long flared and I think there are 32 um or a 30 maybe a 30. so I've got to take them in a little but not too much actually not too much at all just a little on the hips but they're quite a thin denim which is perfect for me and the flare is just Exquisite I put them on and they're actually the most Exquisite shape I've come across in a gene ever in my entire life as far as I can remember and so I've got those at the ready today now I was making bras and I was make I was using sort of brocades and lovely gold curtaining and fabrics with metallic tints and I've piled them all up today so I'm going to cut them into my patches and what I'm going to do is I'm not going to do the whole trouser legs I'm going to do the bottoms and then gradually work up and Fade Out with these recycled Patchwork Fabrics do you see um so that's what I'm doing today and it's remarkable how gorgeous a patchwork recycled garment can look and of course it's totally in keeping with you know the ethos that my design company has I serve learn because I want to use the old to make new and I do it with my music I do it with story books I do it with the art and I and I know I do it with clothes and it's a lovely lovely feeling but also it looks bloody amazing totally amazing so I'll see about possibly the addition of some sequining or you know but I haven't got very long I've only got a couple of days so I better get on with it um what day is it today it's Tuesday so I've got today tonight and tomorrow so I'll let you know I'll pop some pictures up when they're done of myself wearing them um and yeah just really excited and the thing is when you make something recycled you generally speaking you have to take a bit of time over it because you've got to get all the right bits and I want the bits to look perfect they need to complement each other and they need to look classy because I'm a classy broad so you know they they need to look that because it's all in the Fabrics you see and when I was working with Jersey the they're very difficult to make look Posh and I like Posh I want to look expensive um and a lot of recycled stuff does run the risk of looking pretty shabby unfortunately and I don't I really don't like that I want to look quite pristine so this is my challenge always my challenge is how to look like you're wearing something that cost a lot of money because that's important to me and it's not because I want to pretend I've got a lot of money it's because I like the styling I like Exquisite styling and good Cuts do you see and nylon plasticky fabrics and Jersey stretch Fabrics generally speaking are quite awkward to work with and can bring the quality of your garment down so you have to be very very careful having said that you know little patches of of Jersey you you will be able to get away with that um so that's what I'm doing today and I'll keep you updated and I'll pop some photos on my I might do a tick tock or something I don't know see how I feel probably not actually I'm not in the mood I'm off a coffee later with mum and my brother that'll be nice a little break from um you know all the work that I've been doing I've been doing such a lot um so a bit later on today there'll be a couple of piano lessons a bit of jazz my midnight Jazz show don't forget that guys that's it late at night but of course you know it doesn't matter what time they are anymore does it because we don't we don't have linear broadcasting anymore we have you know on demand so you can get thousands of my broadcasts on demand um so I'm sort of trying to update things and create an easier way for people to find all the broadcasts that we've done keeping in mind that I changed server about two months ago and that's been um has created a lot of work and meant I've had to sort of rearrange things but I'm very pleased with acast that's who those are the people that are um hosting my my or this Channel and I'm very pleased with them they seem very very nice actually I mean you can't tell Kenya online who's nice and who's horrible but they're you know their solution for um creating a seamless environment for people like me who just talk a lot and present a lot and have a lot of skills to pass on um it's all very it's it's um seamless dramaless no problems you know so a little bit of a plug for my for my people over at acast um so I think that's it for this morning guys I'm gonna have my next coffee and my Greek yogurt because obviously I'm permanently on a high protein diet which I think I have done even done a broadcast about it um quite life-changing actually but I'll do it I'll do an update on that actually because I've been on this um I've had to turn the electric blanket off so it's like a sauna in the four poster bed um yes I've I think I've been on my high protein regime it's a very strict regime that I do for about six months and it's really paid off really paid off although I no longer wait train and I haven't even been able to do any ballet because it just hurts so much in my arthritic neck and shoulders but you know I've got it under wraps and life is relatively pain-free I'm not going to say her holy pain-free because you can't really expect to be pain-free after a certain age unfortunately all we can do is try to do things that don't make it worse like weight training which was a really bad idea for me okay I'm off have a lovely day and come back soon for some a bit of a jazz finale later on and lots of love stories I didn't tell you love stories abound today as I upload them to my um to this ice to the eye surveillance podcast I'm going to feature love stories I've decided well also you know some other stories but love ever everybody wants love don't they they want love in their lives I mean I don't want love with a man or a woman but I I'm quite happy to read about it but I have love with my cat sort of when when he you know when he's not annoying me I'm I'm probably far too jaded now for love Darlings but I love reading about it and I I cry still I always cry at a love story I do um What a Sad one you know and that's because I'm not a completely emotionless old lady I have I do have a little bit of heart remaining anyway that's the update for this morning I'll see you later hear you later and do join the wonderful wonderful wonderful world of I surveillance music storytelling and General opinion

musician iServalan portrait photography

Lots of great new free content from iServalan every day of the week!

Free audiobook podcasts by iServalan at Tale Teller Club are available every day. Life at being 60 at last has been such a positive adventure.

woman braids glasses musical instrument

iServalan with cello and piano glasses white braids

musician iservalan at piano wears glasses long white braids

iServalan at Tale Teller Club Music Catalogue, Albums, Single, Ringtones

woman moody cake on head


Alignment Rains
Anxiety and Stress Healing ...
Bowel Incontinence Music Th...
Headache Rains Music Therapy
The Planetarium


Alzheimer Rains
Amazing Grace
Army and Navy
Asmr Percussion
Auld Lang Syne
Black Jeans
Bottle of Rum
Cancer Rains Music Therapy
Christmas in Japan
Collagen Growth Vibrations
Creativity Rains
Cuddles and the Disco
Danger and Prose
Devil's Crown
Dirty Disco
Doing Nothing
Give in to the Pain
God Only Knows
Headache Healing Rains Cell...
Healing Rains
Homotech Rocks Off
If Electric-Wave
If over Satie
Indian Summer
It's Life
Jazz Lullaby
Jingle Bells
Joy to the World
Let's Go Swimming
Love Boat
Minor Matter
Minor Matter Percussion
My Ship Sails
Nothing Matters in the Sun
Over Jordan
Peace Pipe
Prelude in C Cello, Piano a...
Shakespeare's Sonnet No 18
Steinway Choir: Breathe
Study for Piano and Drums
Study in C
Study in C Major for Piano ...
The Way Home
Tom's House Party
Trouble in the Jungle
You're so Pretty Pretty


Beat Box Rebels Kick Drum P...
Beatbox How Long Vocal
Big Speakers Little Hip Hop...
Bollywood Magic
Bollywood Opera
Double Drum Topper Hip Hop ...
European Vibe Chill Disco I...
Happy New Year
Healing Rains

iServalan Homotech Art and Music

 iServalan is a homotech artist and musician fusing technology, digital processes and human elements to create a groundbreaking art movement.

iServalan creates art, film, merchandise, and music using AI and humans to create a futuristic vibe.

Links to iServalan Homotech art and music 

iServalan. Virtual DJ Streaming see link Pro Musician at Tale Teller Club funded by the Future's Venture Foundation. Hand poke tattoo artist.
17 Dec 2022 — I am Servalan, cellist, pianist, composer and love story author at the Tale Teller Club. My podcast shares lots of lovely music that the ...

I am Servalan, cellist, pianist, composer and love story author at the Tale Teller Club.My podcast shares lots of lovely music that the band has written, ...
38 minutes ago — Listen to iServalan ponders the concerns of the day at the Tale Teller Club from iServalan™. hello gorgeous people welcome to a sunny day ...
iServalan. I am Servalan, cellist, pianist, composer and love story author at the Tale Teller Club.My podcast shares lots of lovely music that the band has ...
hello gorgeous people welcome to a sunny day here at Royal Clarence Marina I'm actually quite excited because I've I've 24 hours clean of my ...
YouTube · 60 Summers · 26 mins ago
Art by iServalan for Tale Teller Club @ London, United Kingdom. The following media includes potentially sensitive content. Change settings.
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Musician (iServalan) at Tale Teller Club, Podcaster and Medical/Cosmetic ... My new music show #music #podcast #listening #taletellerclub #iservalan ...
Mangler du episoder? Klikk her for Γ₯ oppdatere manuelt. Free HipHop ...
iServalan, musician and artist at Tale Teller Club, sharing news and updates about music, tattoos, fine art, and more.
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