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Feb 27, 2024

Sonnet for Taylor Swift by the Quillmatic Bardinator, live reading

Sonnet for Swifties by Quillmatic Bardinator 

taylor swift singing microphone

Upon the stage fair Taylor takes her stand,

Her voice a melody, her heart a flame. 

In iambic lines, her tales are grand, 

A queen of country by such sweet name.

Her songs like sonnets penned in moonlit hours, 

Unravel love and heartache, joy and strife. 

From Love Story to Shake It Off, 

Her powers Transcend mere words, 

For Taylor breaths such life

Swift as the wind she dances through the years, 

Her guitar strings plucked by Cupid’s bow. 

In every verse, a thousand hopes and fears, 

A saga told in rhymes that ebb and flow.

She alone will guide you this we know

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