Dec 23, 2023

Interview with iServalan about the New Expressive Fitness Program on Vimeo TV

Q: What sort of dancing style led to Expressive Fitness, and how influential figures like Betty Page and Dita Von Teese have played a role in shaping the program?

A: Expressive Fitness was conceived from a desire to redefine the conventional fitness landscape, and the influence of iconic figures like Betty Page and Dita Von Teese is palpable in our approach. I was also enthralled by the trailblazers in dance like Mata Hari and Isadora Duncan, who paved the way for unconventional and expressive forms of movement. Just as they brought a sense of liberation and individuality to modern dance, Expressive Fitness aims to infuse that spirit into the fusion of isometrics, basic ballet, free style, modernism, and expressive dance. Their bold and unapologetic style serves as a beacon for individuals seeking an expressive and unique fitness experience.

Q: How does Expressive Fitness distinguish itself from other fitness programs, and what sets it apart in terms of inclusivity and accessibility, especially for those with no prior experience?

A: Expressive Fitness stands out by embracing diversity in movement styles and fostering a sense of inclusivity. We believe that everyone, regardless of experience, can benefit from this program. Whether it's the strength of isometrics, the grace of basic ballet, or the freedom of free style, participants are welcomed into an environment where no prior experience is needed. This program is designed to be accessible to all, encouraging individuals to explore and express themselves through movement.

Q: In what ways does individual expression play a pivotal role in the Expressive Fitness program, and how is this encouragement extended to beginners?

A: Individual expression is the heartbeat of Expressive Fitness. We encourage beginners to embark on a journey of self-discovery, embracing their uniqueness through the various movement styles incorporated in the program. Whether someone is just starting their fitness journey or is a seasoned enthusiast, Expressive Fitness provides a supportive space for individuals to explore and celebrate their own movement vocabulary, fostering a sense of confidence and joy.

Q: Can you elaborate on how Expressive Fitness contributes to holistic well-being and what participants can expect in terms of physical, mental, and emotional benefits?

A: Expressive Fitness goes beyond the physical to promote holistic well-being. By combining diverse movement styles, the program caters to the multifaceted needs of participants. Physically, it builds strength and flexibility; mentally, it encourages creativity and expression; emotionally, it offers a space for joy and self-discovery. Participants can expect a transformative experience that nurtures not only their bodies but also their minds and spirits.

Q: How do you see Expressive Fitness contributing to the broader health and wellness landscape, and what impact does it aim to have on individuals looking for a unique fitness experience?

A: Expressive Fitness aspires to be a trailblazer in the health and wellness landscape by providing a unique and expressive approach to fitness. We envision a community that finds empowerment through movement, celebrating individuality and the transformative power of expressive fitness. For those seeking a fitness experience that transcends the ordinary, Expressive Fitness aims to be a source of inspiration, encouragement, and joy. More importantly, we use props like scarves and even bells and percussion instruments to create incredibly sexy movements with are great for fitness and for gaining sensual confidence for all ages and abilities. All in all, the program supports good mental health and achieves it through a combination of belonging, sharing, creating through improvising and choreography, and the use of music therapy recordings in our dances and exercises.

Q: Can you give us a glimpse into what participants can expect in an Expressive Fitness class and how they can join, emphasizing the no-experience-needed aspect?

A: In an Expressive Fitness class, participants can expect a dynamic and engaging experience that blends strength-building exercises with elements of dance and creative expression. To join, individuals can visit our website, where class schedules and community details are available. We want to emphasize that no prior experience is needed—Expressive Fitness is designed for everyone, inviting individuals to embark on a fitness journey that is both accessible and artistically enriching.
Our studio is totally virtual and you do not have to have Zoom lessons as all classes are televised. You can dip your toe in as and when and there is no obligation or contract. We use a subscription service which is easy to cancel. If you love the program, you can have one to one sessions or organise group sessions on line with your friends. You may find a few scarves and a chair helpful but there is no equipment required apart from those.

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