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Toddle Poddle™ short bedtime story audiobooks for little children and families

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Toddle Poddle™: A New Frontier in Children's Entertainment presented by Vapor Punk, Cuddles, MoMo and the Space Flies and friends. Dedicated stories, games, jokes and more especially for young children. Curated by author Sarnia de la Maré FRSA Lots of cool ideas for party and game fun, tips on kid-friendly restaurants and days out, and lots more! #taletellerkids #fun #videos #songs #vaporpunk #kids #toddlepoddle #books #audiobooks #audio-recordings #classics #literature #bedtime-stories #stories #bitesize #learning #education #entertainment #free #freebooks #tale-teller-club #iservalan #digital #digitalassets #freedigitalassets #library #arch Introducing Toddle Poddle™: Where Imagination Meets EducationIn the bustling world of children's entertainment, a delightful addition has emerged, capturing the hearts and minds of parents and youngsters alike. Enter Toddle Poddle™, a groundbreaking TV station and audiobook series created by the visionary Sarnia de la Maré FRSA. This innovative project is a testament to the power of storytelling and its ability to ignite young imaginations, encouraging them to explore the wonders of children's literature through the magic of television and audio.Sarnia de la Maré, an accomplished educator and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, has set out to bridge the gap between traditional children's literature and modern media, offering an exceptional platform for children under the age of 8. Toddle Poddle™ is a testament to her passion for education and her belief in the enriching experience that literature and storytelling can provide for young minds.What Makes Toddle Poddle™ Stand Out?1. A Unique Blend of TV and Audiobooks: Toddle Poddle™ marries the visual charm of television with the immersive nature of audiobooks. This hybrid approach allows children to not only enjoy captivating stories but also expand their creativity by visualizing the characters and settings.2. A Diverse Collection of Stories: Toddle Poddle™ boasts a vast library of stories, ensuring there is something for every child. From classic tales to modern gems, the collection reflects the diverse world of children's literature, offering something for everyone.3. Educational Value: Sarnia de la Maré, with her background in education, has taken special care to curate content that is not only entertaining but also educational. Each episode or audiobook provides a valuable lesson or promotes essential skills for young children, from problem-solving to empathy.4. High-Quality Production: The production quality of Toddle Poddle™ is top-notch. The TV episodes are beautifully animated, while the audiobooks feature talented voice actors who bring the stories to life. The audio-visual experience is captivating and engaging.5. Interactive Features: The Toddle Poddle™ team understands the importance of engagement. They have incorporated interactive elements that encourage children to participate, whether it's solving riddles, drawing, or answering questions related to the story.6. Parental Involvement: Toddle Poddle™ recognizes the importance of parental involvement in a child's early education. The platform provides parents with discussion points and activities to extend the learning experience beyond the screen.Why Toddle Poddle™ MattersThe Toddle Poddle™ initiative isn't just another children's entertainment project. It's a vital resource for parents and educators who understand the critical role of literature and storytelling in a child's development. By providing an engaging and educational platform, Sarnia de la Maré and her team are empowering parents and teachers to inspire a love of reading and storytelling in their children.As we live in an age when screens often dominate children's attention, Toddle Poddle™ represents a refreshing alternative that encourages youngsters to engage with the wonderful possibilities of children's literature. It fosters their imagination, introduces them to diverse cultures and ideas, and nurtures the building blocks of empathy, creativity, and critical thinking.In a world that needs imaginative thinkers and problem solvers, Toddle Poddle™ has arrived as a beacon of hope, ensuring the next generation is well-equipped with the power of storytelling and education. It's an initiative that reminds us that even in the digital age, the magic of books and stories can remain alive and well in the hearts of our children.So, if you're a parent, caregiver, or educator of young children, don't miss the chance to introduce them to the enchanting world of Toddle Poddle™. It's not just about TV and audiobooks; it's about nurturing the budding intellect and creativity of the next generation, one story at a more

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Episode 62 - Toddle Poddle™ Benny Bunny Hop a Lot and the Adventure in the Candy Forest by Sarnia de la Mare FRSA 3years bedtime story Where bedtime stories belong
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The Junior Classics Volume 3 Tales from Greece and Rome 9 Winning Atlanta Free Kids' Audiobooks for all our amazing Spreaker pods #toddlepoddle #sarniadelamare #taletellerkids
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www.taletellerclub for all our awesome Spreker radio bedtime stories
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Mishosha The Magician American Indian Fairytales Free Kids' 👧 Bedtime Stories By Tale Teller Club for more amazing books for 👦
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The Little Boy and Girl in the Clouds Free American Indian Fairytales at the Tale Teller Book Club
More from our Spreaker app at
Fabulous recording for young children of The Little Boy and Girl in the Clouds Free American Indian Fairytales at the Tale Teller Book Club
28 Nov, 2023 - 13:52

Grasshopper American Indian Fairytales Children's Audiobooks for Toddle Poddle Kids

25 Nov, 2023 - 29:29

Poems Every Child Should Know 20 Lord of Burleigh Free Kids Books Family Friendly Audiobooks

We have 100s of free bedtime stories for little children.

Poems Every Child Should Know 20 Lord of Burleigh Free Kids Books Family Friendly Audiobooks
24 Nov, 2023 - 04:54

How the Summer Came 🌞 An American Indian Fairytale A Tale Teller Club Audiobook for Younger Children
A great day ahead as Toddle Poddle uploads some great bedtime stories for little ones.
Audio recording of How the Summer Came 🌞 An American Indian Fairytale A Tale Teller Club Audiobook for Younger Children
24 Nov, 2023 - 20:01

The Fairy Bride 👰‍♂️ An American Indian Fairytale A Tale Teller Club Audiobook for Younger Children
Welcome to the open library at the Tale Teller Club sharing beautiful traditional stories for all ages.
Our Toddle Poddle Stories are now available on our website along with art classes every Saturday morning for all our members.
03 Nov, 2023 - 14:47

The Child 🧒 of the Evening Star American Indian Fairytales by Tale Teller Club Publishing
A lovely bedtime story for our Toddle Poddlers here at the Tale Teller Club today with The Child of the Evening Star American Indian Fairytales by Tale Teller Club Publishing.

Check out the new site and app with access to all our stories and videos
01 Nov, 2023 - 24:27

American-Indian Fairy Stories The Boy Who Snared the Sun by Tale Teller Club Publishing
American Indian folklore is rich with a wide variety of captivating and meaningful stories, often referred to as myths, legends, or folktales. These tales reflect the diverse cultures and traditions of Native American tribes across North America. In this blog, we'll explore a selection of American Indian fairytales, each with its unique characters, lessons, and cultural significance.
- The Legend of the White Buffalo Calf Woman (Lakota Sioux):
- The Lakota Sioux tell the story of White Buffalo Calf Woman, a sacred figure who brought them the pipe and taught them the ways of prayer and respect. This story emphasizes the importance of spirituality, unity, and reverence for the natural world.
- The Story of the Three Sisters (Various Tribes):
- Many tribes, including the Iroquois, Cherokee, and Navajo, have their versions of the Three Sisters tale. It explains the agricultural practice of planting corn, beans, and squash together, highlighting cooperation and the mutual support of these crops.
- How the Bear Lost Its Tail (Various Tribes):
- Different tribes, such as the Ojibwa and Seneca, share variations of this tale. It explains why bears have short tails and underscores the value of humility, wisdom, and respect for others.
- The Story of the Raven and the Creation of the World (Pacific Northwest Tribes):
- In Pacific Northwest indigenous cultures, the Raven plays a central role in many creation myths. These stories often describe how the Raven brought light, fire, and other essential elements to the world, teaching the importance of curiosity and resourcefulness.
- The Man in the Moon (Algonquian Tribes):
- Various Algonquian tribes have their own versions of the Man in the Moon story, where a man was placed on the moon as punishment for his selfishness or disobedience. These stories promote the values of selflessness and respecting the natural order.
- The Tale of the Little People (Hopi):
- The Hopi people tell stories of the Little People, or Kachinas, who play a role in their religious beliefs and ceremonies. These tales emphasize the importance of honoring and preserving cultural traditions.
- The Legend of the Cherokee Rose (Cherokee):
- The Cherokee tell a poignant story about the origins of the Cherokee Rose, which grew where tears of grief fell during the Trail of Tears. This tale conveys the resilience and enduring spirit of the Cherokee people.
These American Indian fairytales are just a small glimpse into the wealth of indigenous storytelling. Each tribe has its unique narratives that pass down their history, values, and traditions. When reading or sharing these stories, it's essential to do so with respect and appreciation for the cultures from which they originate. Native American folklore offers valuable insights into the spiritual and cultural heritage of these diverse communities, and it continues to be a source of inspiration and wisdom for people of all backgrounds.
30 Oct, 2023 - 15:48

Welcome to the Rat Gang Free Ringtone🐀 by Cuddles and Vapor Punk

22 Oct, 2023 - 03:39

Bedtime Story Indian Fairytale Iagoo the Storyteller with Vapor Punk and Cuddles
Bedtime Story Indian Fairytale Iagoo the Storyteller with Vapor Punk and Cuddles

hey everybody it's Vaper punk I'm here with my friend cuddles hello everybody I'm cuddles why are we here Vapor Punk well cuddles we've got a really really lovely bedtime story today oh how exciting Vapor Punk yes cuddles it's an American Indian fairy tale o I've never heard one of those Vapor Punk let's get comfy and snuggle up for aagu the Storyteller another Super story a todle puddle night night cuddles night night children night night vapor Punk night night
children yagu the
Storyteller there never was anyone so wise and knowing as old yagu there never was an Indian who saw and heard so much he knew the secrets of the woods and the fields and understood the language of birds and beasts all his lifelong he had lived out of doors wandering far in the forest Where the wild deer hide or skimming the Waters of the lake in his Birch Park canoe besides the things he had learned for himself yag knew much more he knew the fairy tales and the Wonder Stories told him by his grandfather who had heard them from his grandfather and so on away back to the time when the world was young and strange and there was magic in almost everything yagu was a great favorite with the children no one knew better where to find the beautiful colored shells which he strung in into necklaces for the little girls no one could teach them so well just where to look for the grasses which their Nimble fingers wo into baskets for the boys he made bows and arrows bows from the ash tree that would bend far back without breaking and arrows strong and straight from the sturdy Oak but most of all yagu won the children's hearts with his stories where did the robin get his red breast how did fire find its way into the world so that an Indian can get it out by rubbing two sticks together why was coyote the prairie wolf so much cleverer than all the other animals and why was he always looking behind him when he ran it was old yagu who could tell you where and why now winter was the time for storytelling when the snow lay deep on the ground the north wind came howling from his home in the land of ice and the cold Moon Shone from the frosty Sky it was then that the Indians gathered in The Wigwam it was then that eago sat by the fire of Blazing logs and the little boys and girls gathered round
him oo wailed The North Wind the Sparks leapt up and yagu laid Another Log on the
[Music] Fire what a mischievous old fellow was this North Wind one could almost see him his flowing hair all hung with icicles if the Wigwam were not so strong he would blow it down and if the fire were not so bright he would put it out but this Wigwam was made on purpose for just such a time as this and the forest nearby had logs to last forever so The North Wind could only Nash his teeth and say
oo one little girl more timid than the rest would draw nearer and put her hand on the old man's arm oh Iago she said just listen do you think he can hurt us have no fear answered yagu The North Wind Can Do no harm to anyone who is brave and cheerful he blusters and makes a lot of noise but at heart he is really a big coward and the fire will soon frighten him away suppose I tell you a story about it and the story Iago told we shall now tell to you the story of how shibis fooled The North
[Music] Wind
10 Oct, 2023 - 05:18

An Artist an Artist by Sarnia de la Maré FRSA and Radio for Tale Teller Kids Poetry reading
Toddle Poddle Bedtime Stories and entertainment for little ones.
an artist an artist a Pasha do Valentine Scarlett was an artist she had been born an artist and it would always be so some days she Drew dogs and cats and people and houses some days she Drew still things and some days things that moved other days she would draw things that came from deep in her mind that others had never seen but mostly she Drew feelings Scarlett did not have to draw things because she was an artist the colors and lines and shadows would spread over the paper or canvas like Fire and Water and Air all her emotions would flood the surface like dreams and songs and Magic the energy from her heart and her very being would flow through her fingers and she would Express so many things that others could not for scarlet was an artist an artist a plumber came to the house to mend Taps and a boiler and things that dripped in an annoying fashion I am a plumber said the plumber what do you do Scarlett looked at the plumber and said why I am an artist an artist can't you tell oh said the plumber I wish I was an artist and Scarlett smiled knowingly a lawyer came to the house to deal with legal matters to fill in lots of forms and offer many other Legal Services I am a lawyer said the lawyer what do you do Scarlett looked at the lawyer and said why I am an artist an artist can't you tell oh said the lawyer I wish I was an artist and Scarlett smiled knowingly a mechanic came to the house to mend the car and the motorbike and to wash his hands I am a mechanic said the mechanic what do you do Scarlett looked at the mechanic and said why I am an artist an artist can't you tell oh said the mechanic I wish I was an artist and Scarlett smiled knowingly a doctor came to the house to check everyone's heartbeat and to administer medicines I am a doctor said the doctor what do you do Scarlett looked at the doctor and said why I am an artist an artist can't you tell oh said the doctor I wish I was an artist and Scarlett smiled knowingly finally an artist came to the house to paint a mural on the bedroom wall and to mix paint and use brushes and to bring color where it was lacking I am an artist said the artist and I can tell that you are too and the artist smiled knowingly and together they said for all the world to hear we are artists we are artists

TODDLE PODDLE and Tale Teller Lids Welcome to bedtime stories chosen by Vapor Punk at Toddle Poddle!
Loads of cool free TV and radio for younger children. A lovely little story about a fox, very short for little ones.

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29 Aug, 2023 - 03:09

Humpty Dumpty Baby by Toddle Poddle

27 Aug, 2023 - 00:19

The Wooden Horse Free Toddler Entertaining Audiobooks from Tale Teller Book Club

27 Aug, 2023 - 01:44

Homeless Hare From 50 Funny Animal Stories Free Audiobooks for Toddlers and Nursery Ages

27 Aug, 2023 - 02:50

Magic Unicorn Toddle Poddle at tale teller Kids

27 Aug, 2023 - 00:48

Freddy and Bertie tell a Joke by Toddle Poddle

27 Aug, 2023 - 00:20

Peter Patter by Toddle Poddle

27 Aug, 2023 - 01:32

Funny Rhymes and Stories for Toddlers and Nursery Age Kids Free Children's Books On Line

27 Aug, 2023 - 02:06

A Free to Share Lullaby by iServalan for Babies and Carers Sing Along to Any Tune by Toddle Poddle

27 Aug, 2023 - 01:30

Hands by Toddle Poddle TV at Tale Teller Club

27 Aug, 2023 - 00:34

Little Rhymes Video Soundtrack by Tale Teller Club for Toddle Pods Nature Poems

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11 Jul, 2023 - 02:42

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