Jan 7, 2024

Are you freak who likes cooking? Join me on my new TV show, Freak's Kitchen™, on Vimeo soon!

 I'm starting a cookery show for freaks.... The freakier the better, via zoom for my YouTube and Vimeo. Just setting up the studio and waiting on lights. Microwave, single hot plate, wok and slow cooker..... And no cook stuff. #producer #promo #exposure #zoom #cooking #cookingshow #cookingshow #live

Links to episodes of Immersion written and illustrated by Sarnia de la Maré FRSA, published by Tale Teller Club

Strata 1
Strata 2
Strata 3
Strata 4
Strata 5
Strata 6
Strata 7
Strata 8
Strata 9
Strata 10
Strata 11
Strata 12
Strata 13
Strata 14
Strata 15
Strata 16
Strata 18
Strata 19
Strata 21

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