Jan 2, 2024

Are you in creative producer, writer, filmmaker? Tale Teller Club is looking for fiction writers to sponsor for a month.


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Tale Teller Club Publishing Invites Writers and Creators for a Month of Sponsorship Bliss


In a world saturated with stories waiting to be told, Tale Teller Club Publishing is stepping up to the plate, extending a golden opportunity to emerging writers and creators of fiction-based media. The renowned publishing house is on the lookout for fresh voices, imaginative minds, and passionate storytellers to sponsor for an entire month on their brand-new blog. The initiative promises an exciting platform for showcasing talent, offering exposure through free articles, interviews, podcasts, social media exchanges, and more.

A Platform for Emerging Voices:

Tale Teller Club Publishing has always been committed to nurturing and promoting new talent in the world of storytelling. With their new blog, the company aims to provide a dedicated space for emerging voices to shine. The sponsored month is not just about showcasing finished works but also about delving into the creative process, the inspiration behind the stories, and the unique journeys of the creators.

What's in Store:

  1. Free Articles: Writers and creators selected for sponsorship will have the opportunity to feature their work on the Tale Teller Club blog. This includes sharing snippets, behind-the-scenes anecdotes, and thought-provoking insights into their creative process.

  2. Interviews: The spotlight will be on the creators as they engage in in-depth interviews about their work, influences, and the challenges they've faced in their artistic journey. These interviews will provide readers with a personal connection to the creators and offer valuable insights into the world of storytelling.

  3. Podcasts: Tale Teller Club Publishing recognizes the power of the spoken word. During the sponsored month, creators will have the chance to participate in podcasts, discussing their craft, favorite stories, and the impact they hope to make with their work. This medium will bring the creators' voices directly to the audience, creating a more intimate connection.

  4. Social Media Exchanges: In the age of digital connectivity, Tale Teller Club Publishing understands the significance of social media. The sponsored creators will be featured across the company's social media platforms, expanding their reach and connecting with a broader audience.

  5. Exclusive Events: To add an extra layer of excitement, Tale Teller Club Publishing is planning exclusive events during the sponsored month. This could include live Q&A sessions, interactive storytelling sessions, and more, creating a sense of community engagement.

How to Apply:

For writers and creators eager to seize this opportunity, Tale Teller Club Publishing has made the application process simple and accessible. Prospective participants can submit their portfolios, along with a brief description of their work, through the official Tale Teller Club website www.taletellerclub.com using the contact pages.


Tale Teller Club Publishing's commitment to fostering new talent is evident in this innovative initiative. By offering a month of sponsorship on their new blog, the company is not only providing exposure but also creating a supportive community for creators to thrive. For writers and creators, this is more than just a sponsorship—it's an invitation to join a club that values the art of storytelling and the individuals behind it. So, if you have a story to tell and a passion for creating fiction-based media, don't miss this golden opportunity to let your voice be heard. Apply now and embark on a journey of creativity, collaboration, and connection with Tale Teller Club Publishing.

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