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Mar 14, 2024

Inspector French and the Cheyne Mystery, new crime podcasts by Tale Teller Club Publishing

“Inspector French and the Cheyne Mystery” is a captivating mystery thriller novel written by Freeman Wills Crofts. Let me delve into the details for you:
  1. Title: The book is also known as “The Cheyne Mystery” and “Inspector French and The Cheyne Mystery”.
  2. AuthorFreeman Wills Crofts penned this intriguing tale.
  3. Setting: The story unfolds in 1920.
  4. Protagonist: The central character is Maxwell Cheyne, a First World War naval veteran and a short story writer from Dartmouth.
  5. Plot Summary:
    • Mysterious Drugging: Maxwell Cheyne finds himself mysteriously drugged in a country inn. When he awakens, he discovers that his home has been burgled, although nothing appears to be missing.
    • Relentless Pursuit: Cheyne becomes the target of a dangerous gang of criminals who are unpleasantly interested in him.
    • Solo Efforts: Initially, Cheyne tries to outwit the criminals on his own.
    • Serious Threats: As things escalate and his life is endangered, he decides to seek help from Scotland Yard.
    • Enter Inspector French: Inspector French, a methodical and less flamboyant detective, takes charge of the case.
    • Ciphered Code: The stolen letter Cheyne possesses seems to contain some kind of ciphered code.
    • Kidnapping and Explosive Devices: The gang kidnaps Joan Merrill, a young female artist from Chelsea, and attempts to kill Cheyne with an explosive device.
    • International Investigation: Inspector French’s investigations lead him to Brugesand then to Antwerp, where he discovers that the gang has recently sailed on an expedition linked to the stolen letter.
    • The Key: The secret lies with a dead German U-boat captain and the information he passed on.
  6. Legacy: In the later novel “Sir John Magill’s Last Journey”, it is mentioned that Cheyne and Joan are now a happily married couple living in Dartmouth.
  7. Series: This novel is the second in the series featuring Inspector French, a prominent figure of the Golden Age of Detective Fiction.

And there you have it—the thrilling tale of “Inspector French and the Cheyne Mystery”🕵️‍♂️🔍123

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