Mar 1, 2024

Of Ale and Tumult: A Drunken Sonnet, A Shakespearian sonnet inspired by the perils of inebriation by the Quillmatic Bardinator

Of Ale and Tumult: A Drunken Sonnet

Upon a merry eve I quaffed my fill,
The tavern’s ale, a potent brew divine.
My senses danced, my reason took a spill,
And mirthful laughter echoed through the brine.

In drunken haze, I stumbled forth, unclad,
My breeches lost to Bacchus’ wild embrace.
The moon a witness to my folly mad,
I stood, a wretched soul in bare disgrace.

The stars themselves did mock my sorry plight,
As I half-naked weaved 'twixt cobblestones.
My dignity, a fleeting, ghostly light,
Gave way to mirthful laugh and groan.

So here’s a caution friends to heed with care:
When drink flows freely, guard your pants and be aware!

©2024 Tale Teller Club / Quillmatic Bardinator

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