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Mar 7, 2024

Where Art Thou Internet? by the Quillmatic Bardinator #funny

Where Art Though Internet? by the Quillmatic Bardinator

The Internet today did fail

My morn was chaos and life so dire.

No tweets, no memes, no cat vids hailed

The digital streets, they had no fire.

The routers ceased, my cables laid,

As emails vanished into thinning air.

No Google Maps to guide my steps today!

No streaming songs to soothe my hearts’ despair.

O cursed fate! The WiFi signal wanes,

As browsers freeze and error pages pop.

I yearn for bytes, for pixels, for domains,

Yet find myself in darkness, void of hope.

So let us pray, dear Internet, return,

And rescue me from digital concern.

©2024 Sarnia de la Maré 

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