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Mar 25, 2024

Short Form Video by Tale Teller TV

 Shorts from the Tale Teller Club YouTube Collection

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Shoe art by Sarnia

Rat Gang Illustration by Sarnia

Art by Sarnia

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4 March 2024

Funny Shakespeare Poem Drunken Warning by Quillmatic Bardinator #funnypoems

Sonnet for Swifties by Qiullmatic Bardinator live reading audiobook AI poetry at the Tale Teller ...

Donald Trump Sonnet by the Quillmatic Bardinator Live AI Reading at Tale Teller Club

Grindr Bumble and Tinder Lovers A sonnet by the Quillmatic Bardinator

Unexpected Item in Bagging Area by Quillmatic Bardinator Episode 780 - The iServalan™ Show

Episode 544 - The iServalan™ Show Poetry Reading by Sarnia de la Mare FRSA Ruin, a gothic poem fr...

Episode 540 - The iServalan™ Show Bubbles A Poem For the Old by Sarnia de la Mare FRSA full readi...

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Unisex Tee Dress Rats and Dinfants by iServalan #iservalan #taletellerclub

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Creating slow Ibiza Chill Free Ringtone Samples SFX by iServalan at Tale Teller Club

Adding Hip Hop drums on Logic Pro GarageBand with free Bonus Ringtone by Tale Teller Club

What is Lounge or Lift Music? Is it Naff and Cheezy or Cool. Free Ringtone by Tale Teller Club

Using the EVOC20 and other vocoders to create music plus free ringtone download

What is Lift Music? Free ringtone download by Tale Teller Club

Using samples and loops with free Vapor Punk ringtone loop to download

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Working with Logic Pro in the Studio with iServalan plus fab free ringtone

The Marchioness of Dorchester reads The Visitor, Poems from the Four Poster

Humpty Dumpty Baby by Toddle Poddle

Magic Unicorn Toddle Poddle at tale teller Kids

Freddy and Bertie tell a Joke by Toddle Poddle

Hands by Toddle Poddle TV at Tale Teller Club

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