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Mar 13, 2024

We Love Science Fiction on our Free Audiobook Podcasts #scifi #sarniadelamare #reading #writing

🚀 Three SF Short Stories ch 5 by Paul W. Fairman by Paul W. Fairman Scifi Funday #taletellerclub 🚀 Three SF Short Stories ch 5 by Paul W. Fairman by Paul W. Fairman Scifi Funday #taletellerclub is highly recommended by Sarnia...let's find out more! “Three SF Short Stories” by Paul W. Fairman holds a special place in the pantheon of science fiction literature. While it may not be as widely celebrated as some other iconic works, its impact on the genre is significant. Let’s explore its influence: - Pioneering Exploration: - Fairman’s collection represents an era when science fiction was still finding its voice. - By experimenting with themes, characters, and speculative concepts, Fairman contributed to the evolution of the genre. - Authors who followed him drew inspiration from his innovative storytelling. - Themes and Tropes: - “Three SF Short Stories” delves into classic sci-fi themes: alien encounters, cosmic mysteries, and futuristic technology. - These themes resonate across generations of science fiction authors. - Fairman’s exploration of these tropes laid the groundwork for subsequent writers. - Short Form Impact: - Short stories allow authors to distill ideas into concise narratives. - Fairman’s brevity and ability to evoke wonder in a limited space influenced countless writers. - Aspiring authors learned from his economy of words and impactful storytelling. - Legacy and Inspiration: - While not a household name, Fairman’s work quietly inspired those who followed. - Authors who read his stories discovered new possibilities within the genre. - His influence echoes through the works of contemporary sci-fi luminaries. In summary, “Three SF Short Stories” may not have achieved blockbuster status, but its quiet brilliance left an indelible mark. It encouraged authors to explore the cosmos, question reality, and ignite readers’ imaginations. As we celebrate the giants of science fiction, let’s also acknowledge the unsung heroes like Paul W. Fairman who shaped the genre’s trajectory.
13 Mar, 2024 - 38:24

🚀 Three SF Short Stories ch 4 by Paul W. Fairman by Paul W. Fairman Scifi Funday #taletellerclub for great sci-fi books! Three SF Short Stories ch 4 by Paul W. Fairman by Paul W. Fairman Scifi Funday #taletellerclub “Three SF Short Stories” by Paul W. Fairman is a captivating collection of science fiction tales that will transport you to otherworldly realms. Let’s explore the intriguing stories within this book: - “Deadly City”: - The protagonist awakens in darkness, disoriented and in pain. - He discovers a lump on his head, placed there for safety. - - “Secrets of the Martians”: - Set in a world where few colonists have encountered Martians. - Despite their rarity, the Martians become a source of concern. - - “The Cosmic Junkman”: - While not specifically mentioned in Chapter 4, this story is part of the collection. - It introduces readers to a cosmic scavenger who navigates the vastness of space. - Paul W. Fairman masterfully weaves suspense, mystery, and wonder throughout these short stories. Whether you’re a seasoned sci-fi enthusiast or a newcomer to the genre, this collection promises an exhilarating journey into the unknown.For more sci-fi adventures, visit the Tale Teller Club website and explore their great selection of books! 🚀📚 Learn more
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Drugged Up And Hurting Poisoned by Additives and Fake Protein Thank Fook For My Electric Cello
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AI is your slave so work that bitch. What will we do in a world without work? Be BOSS #sarnia #sarniadelamare
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Anatomy Drawing School London, Soho House Dates, Printer Dramas
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Three SF Short Stories ch 3 by Paul W. Fairman by Paul W. Fairman Scifi Funday #taletellerclub
Join us at for daily reads.
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Three SF Short Stories ch 2 by Paul W. Fairman by Paul W. Fairman Scifi Funday #taletellerclub
A scifi week at HQ.
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Three SF Short Stories ch 1 by Paul W. Fairman by Paul W. Fairman Scifi Sunday #taletellerclub
My chosen book today is read by Kirks Voice...Robots Forever!!!! More robots and futurism on my site of course Paul W. Fairman, a versatile writer and editor, contributed to various genres under his own name and pseudonyms. Fairman’s literary journey extended beyond detective fiction, encompassing science fiction as well.Here are three intriguing science fiction short stories by Paul W. Fairman: - Deadly City: The protagonist awakens in darkness, pain throbbing in his head. His touch reveals a lump—a safety precaution, perhaps. The story unfolds against the backdrop of an alien invasion in Chicago, where a handful of survivors grapple with a deserted city and impending annihilation. - Secrets of the Martians: Set in a colony where few have encountered Martians, this tale explores unexpected trouble. Spencer’s death and Rex Tate’s entrapment hint at Martian involvement. What secrets lie hidden?. - Traitor’s Choice: Kendall faces a harrowing decision: defy the aliens and risk Clare’s gruesome fate, or comply and doom an entire planet. These stories, rich in suspense and imagination, offer glimpses into otherworldly realms and the choices that shape them. If you’re intrigued, you can explore the full audiobook recording of “Three SF Short Stories by Paul W. Fairman’s legacy continues to captivate readers and listeners alike.
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Free Ringtone Song for Joe Biden by Quillmatic Bardinator
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Funny Shakespeare Poem Drunken Warning by Quillmatic Bardinator #funnypoems Upon a merry eve I quaffed my fill, The tavern’s ale, a potent brew divine. My senses danced, my reason took a spill, And mirthful laughter echoed through the brine. In drunken haze, I stumbled forth, unclad, My breeches lost to Bacchus’ wild embrace. The moon a witness to my folly mad, I stood, a wretched soul in bare disgrace. The stars themselves did mock my sorry plight, As I half-naked weaved 'twixt cobblestones. My dignity, a fleeting, ghostly light Gave way to mirthful laugh and groan. So here’s a caution friends to heed with care: When drink flows freely, guard your pants and be aware! #taletellerclub #comedy #fun #quillmatic #bardinator
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Strata 5, Immersion V1, Renyke Goes to The Bank (Memories and Experiences)

Strata 5, Immersion V1, Renyke Goes to The Bank (Memories and Experiences)Welcome to Immersion, you have reached Strata 5

To function correctly, humans depend almost entirely upon memories. Memory is an integral part of human cognition allowing individuals to recall and draw upon past events to frame their understanding of the present. Memory also gives individuals a paradigm through which they make sense of the present and the future whilst simultaneously offering the security of a past where experiences and lessons were learned.A machine that remembers too little will not be able to do anything that requires connecting past experiences to new ones. Many droids are prone to catastrophic forgetting or over learning both of which can cause gross malfunction. **************Renyke attempted a face-recog on the woman but the makeup or tattoo caused a data malfunction. Flex, the one with probable knowledge about trusting her, had disappeared amongst the crowd.

After a lingering interlude for summing up dangers but with no logical conclusion, Renyke followed his guide, with some trepidation.There were all kinds of traders in an open market trading live animals, electronic devices, even people selling workers by the hour for anything from labouring to singing and sexual services.

They arrived at a unit with barricades and metal shutters. It was constructed from an old underground train carriage, probably from the twenty-first century.

'Here we go,' the woman said.'That's 50 for getting you here Mr.'

'I have to get some money first,' said Renyke
'Plus, I don't know how to get the money. What do I need, I have no identification or paperwork.'

'You don't need ID here Mr. This is the zone, the got no ID. No ID, no problem.'

'Well. how do I get money?' asked Renyke, now confused about accessing anything that may be stored in his POS, and still dubious about sharing his true identity.'

The woman laughed.
'Ya gotta put sometin' up my friend.

'Like my coat?' asked Renyke.
'Na, not in the bank! Your software, course, or hardware, or files, whatever.....just plug in, give some data, get some g-bits innit. They take apps, software, POS, they'll even take your whole damned brain.....Day to Day Data..... is their wayta.....
.....hahahahaha.' The woman cackled.Renyke pondered the likelihood of a successful transaction in the bank and nodded.The woman bashed on the metal door and a hatch opened.Dark peering eyes checked Renyke and his companion up and down.'Not the dog', said a loud booming voice after tentatively opening a heavily armoured door.

Inside was well guarded by large-framed characters who looked menacing and dangerous. They were standard issue security droids, the like of older versions that had been discontinued and recalled, disassembled and disposed of two or three generations ago. Security in the Midcasts was controlled by forcefields and lasers with little need for big ugly droids.

Renyke was ushered to a small cubical with an array of plugs and wires. Everything looked antiquated, from the early tech years.
There was a chair and Renyke was motioned to sit down.
He hesitated.

'How does it work?' He asked a large droid.

The droid seemed stupefied, slow, sluggish, as if he had been drained of power despite his size. He spoke slowly and slightly slurred with intermittent beeping noises and error warnings.

'Here is the current exchange rate,' said the droid, pointing to a monitor with flashing figures. 'As soon as you are plugged we see what you got and make an offer. Then we transfer. You get a voucher here.'....he pointed to a small printing machine, 'then take it over there and get G-bits or'

There were hundreds of wires and plugs seemingly for extracting and monitoring every device from the last couple of centuries. Anything from antique video machines to digital clocks seemed to have a lead on offer.

Renyke spotted the mark 3 Droid Cable and shuddered.

He checked his applications. Then all the add-ons. He checked for any temp files he could get rid of. Then he checked the POS and asked if there was a clean-up they could run.

System is currently set to factory install. Removing program files or data could be detrimental to smooth function....this action is not supported.....
more searching......then finally

one file found
unknown origin
possible memory file from last OS
surplus to current operational needs......unable to access file contents
Renyke weighs up the odds.
To be continued
© 2023 Sarnia de la Maré FRSA
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My Brain by Vapor Punk Free Speaktone Ringtones by Tale Teller Club Band
Fun with AI and Logic Pro plugins
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My Brain 🧠 Free Spoken Word 🎤 Ringtone by Flex from Tale Teller Club for loads of cool music
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Sonnet for Swifties by Qiullmatic Bardinator live reading audiobook AI poetry at the Tale Teller Club
27 Feb, 2024 - 00:40

Donald Trump Sonnet by the Quillmatic Bardinator Live AI Reading at Tale Teller Club for more great poetry and prose by author Sarnia de la Mare FRSA
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Grindr Bumble and Tinder Lovers A sonnet by the Quillmatic Bardinator for more homotech poetry and prose
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Unexpected Item in Bagging Area by Quillmatic Bardinator Episode 780 - The iServalan™ Show
The first of our AI poet #quillmaticbardinator Creative AI
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